Mitchell Mfg. Co. 1259 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Mitchell Mfg. Co.
Description:the rondeau

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O John F. Rider
BOTTOM KNOB. (Manual Volume Control and "On-Off" Switch). Turn this knob
g signal comes in adjust volume as desired.
"WEL ,,?_ ,253 RED TOP KNOB. (station selector) Mnve the knnb nvei- a nai-i-nw range nf the dial
.ma "?_ |59 "Hn-E at a point where the desired station is located, until the station is received with
|"mEL N?_ (266 GREEN maximum volume; then readjust the volume control to the proper level. Never
use the station selector to adjust volume as this practice results in distorted
tone quality and deficient bass response. The Volume Control only is to be used
for this purpose. For maximum clarit the indicator should be ad`us ed
Y J t to the
center of the area overed by the station being tuned.
Before connecting the set, be sure that your home is wired for the voltage and
current Ior which the set is designed. If in doubt, call your local power company This receiver is designed to operate over the standard broadcast band which
the wrong type of current will result in irnproper operation or damage.
| mm. CALIBRATTON. The s ale is eaiibrated ii-nm 55 to leo (standard eman-
POWER SUPPLY. This receiver is designed to operate on any alternating cur- Canada, Me i'30>> Cuba and many Central and South Ameri an Countries. Add a
rent supply (AC) ranging from 110 to 120 volts, 50 to 60 cycles; or on any direct ZEYO ?0 fig\H'EURS OD the Scale to obtain kilocycles_
(direct current) power supply, it may be necessary to reverse the powe cord
plug in the wall socket before the receiver will function, due to the polarity con-
dition of a direct current supply. lf the receiver fails to perform after being
turned on one minute, sixnply reverse the power plug.
. b ` d' ti.f` d. T b d l t` POSITION SIGNAL '
Lleniiiwfl t?\ie(li;T;i:ngd1i;ci-aizrtinaflfeujfbinetiigilfum ers an Ma wns "EP of GENERATOR GENERATOR D ""`E?F
ANTENNA. This eiv has huiit-in "map" eriai Its eeuent design is 1_ open 455 KC_ Gi; Wd U- Sugs H"";:_":
such as to increase pick-up from stations having wide variations in signal strength, Terminal ` ' ' out ut
The eifieienny and seieetivity nf the ieep pi-nvide outstanding i-eeeptinn without the V F nt Ad. tl I E; g
use of an external aerial. The "loop" aerial used on this receiver is somewhat Z_ Open 1620 KC_ Z Turns of G21 Ju? ?t O3 O
an-eeuana1 sn i-eeeptinn fi-.nn weak statinns san he improved hy turning the set Hmm Tr. "E r "ff """:" ?, U
in the proper direction. Dummy wire 6,?in Rea':e Adju?ufor ~? B1
3. 1400 KC. l400 KC. Antenna Dia. (Place pa rl
GROUND. Nn gi-nunn ennneetinn shnuid be used when operating this reeeiver. f'P?;'f?"' " T* " %'?'"l: g U1
\ Th reeei ei- gets its gi-aund ennneetiun through the p Wei- iine and any external 5? ar;'i?';1 'C ,.>>
ennneetinn tn the ehassis may nause a shunt eii-euit and nansequent damage. 4. soo xc. soo xc. t Pl _ EUR gg to
CAUTION: Do not place receiver on hot objects such as stoves radiators, etc. an Q
Heat win damage the internal nninnnnents nf the ieeeivei. Eg

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MODELS 1258, 1259,
1266, The Rondeau
35 >> ,, gh > amazes zz u vu um 3
|,,_? 0 } -- oooo can ~a mo as 2
5 92 u Q 5 coco eos: moo c
I I QQOG COO -?|h|D I!
L_ 1 W anna ncaa Erma as
"> ? "` ? X322 KKK 7* ~?
II I llll Ill I
u ooo? you ooo
(C) John F. Rider

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