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Manufacturer:Mitchell Mfg. Co.

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This receiver is designed to operate over the standard broadcast band which extends from 535 to 1620 Kilocycles (KC) (185 to 560 Meters.)


GENERAL DATA. The alignment of this receiver requires the use of a test oscillator that will cover the frequencies of 455, 600,1400 and 1620 KC and an output meter to be connected across the primary or secondary of the output transformer. If possible, all alignments should be made with the volume control on maximum and the test oscillator output as low as possible to prevent the AVC from operating and giving false readings.

CORRECT ALIGNMENT PROCEDURE. The intermediate frequency (I.F.) stages should be aligned properly as the first step. After the I.F. transformers have been properly adjusted and peaked, the broadcast band should be adjusted.

I.F. ALIGNMENT. Remove the chassis and loop antenna from the cabinet and set them up on the bench so that they occupy exactly the same respective positions on the bench as they did in the cabinet. Care should be taken to have no iron or other metal near the loop. Do not make this set-up on a metal bench. With the gang condenser set at minimum, adjust the test oscillator to 455 KC and connect the output to the grid of the converter tube (12SA7) through a. 05 or. 1 mid. condenser. The ground on the test oscillator should be connected to the ground buss, indicated on the circuit diagram. Align all three I.F. trimmers to peak or maximum reading on the output meter.

BROADCAST BAND ALIGNMENT. Connect the test oscillator to a dummy loop which can be made by coiling 2 turng of hookup wire about 6" in diameter. Place his dummy loop about a foot from the loop on the receiver and in the same plane as the receiver loop. With the gang condenser set at minimum capacity, set the test oscillator at 1620 KC, and adjust the oscillator (or 1620 KC trimmer) on the gang condenser. Next set the test oscillator at 1400 KC, and tune in the signal on the gang condenser. Adjust the antenna trimmer (or 1400 KC trimmer) for maximum signal. Next set the test oscillator at 600 KC, and tune in signal on condenser to check alignment of cells.