Mitchell Mfg. Co. radio clock Schematic

Mitchell Mfg. Co. radio clock

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Product Information:
Model:radio clock
Manufacturer:Mitchell Mfg. Co.

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POWER SUPPLY, This receiver is designed to operate on an alternating current supply (AC) ranging from 110 to 120 volts, 60 Cycles only. Do Not Operate on Direct Current.

Before connecting the set be sure that your house is wired for the voltage and current for which the set is designed. It in doubt, call your local power company for the necessary information. Connecting the set to a supply outlet furnishing the wrong type of current will result in improper operation or damage.

ANTENNA. This receiver has a built-in "loop" aerial. Its excellent design is such as to increase pick-up from stations having wide variations in signal strength. The efficiency and selectivity of the loop provide outstanding reception without the use of an external aerial,

TUBES. Five tubes (including rectifier) are used. Type numbers and locations are shown in the tube location diagram on the bottom of the cabinet,

GROUND. No ground connection should be used when operating this receiver. The receiver gets its ground connection through power line and any external connection to the chassis may cause a short circuit and consequent damage.

CAUTION. Do not place receiver on hot objects such as stoves, radiators, etc. Heat will damage the cabinet and the internal components of the receiver.


AUTO - OFF - ON SWITCH KNOB (Bottom of Clock Face). Turn this knob to the right (clockwise), so that the indicator points to " ON to turn on the radio. To turn off the radio, turn this knob so that the indicator points straight up to "OFF".

VOLUME CONTROL KNOB (Bottom Knob on Front of Cabinet) This knob controls the volume of the signal received. To reduce the volume, rotate this knob to the left (counter-clockwise). When this knob is rotated to the right it will increase the volume.

STATION SELECTOR KNOB. (Large Knob on Front of Cabinet) Rotate this knob over a narrow range of the dial where the desired station is located, until the station is received with maximum volume and clarity. Then readjust the volume control to the proper level. NEVER use the station selector knob to adjust the volume as this will result in the signal being received with distorted tone quality.

The station selector knob is calibrated in Kilocycles with the last zero of the actual frequency omitted. For instance, the numeral 55 on the knob indicates 550 Kilocycles and 160 indicates 1600 Kilocycles.


This clock-radio is equipped with a self-starting clock. As soon as the power plug is inserted into the wall outlet, the sweep second hand will begin to operate,

To set the time hands, rotate the knob located at the rear of the receiver so that the hands will rotate in a clockwise rotation. Once the clock is set, it needs no further attention unless you remove the plug or there is a power interruption.

The clock of this clock-radio is equipped to automatically turn on the radio at any time during the course of approximately 10 hours after the controls are properly set. The controls may be properly set by following the instructions itemized below:

1. SET TURN - ON TIME, Pull out and turn the knob at the top of clock face to the left (counter-clockwise) until the selected TURN - ON time is indicated on the small center dial by the small pointer on the opposite end of the hour hand.

Leave this knob out if you wish the conventional alarm to turn on in addition to the radio, The conventional alarm will sound approximately seven minutes after radio is turned on.

If you prefer to have the radio turned on without the conventional alarm, push the knob in after the TURN - ON time is set.

2. SELECT PROGRAM TO BE TURNED ON. Tune in the station that will carry the desired program at the selected time, and adjust the volume to the proper level.

3. SET AUTO - OFF - ON SWITCH KNOB. Turn this knob to the left until the indicator points to "AUTO". This will turn off the radio and set the switch so that it automatically comes on again at the selected time.

To turn the radio on before the "TONE - ALARM" time, turn the AUTO - OFF - ON knob to the "ON" position. It will then be necessary to repeat the steps listed above to again use the alarm feature.

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The clock may be set to turn on the conventional buzzer alarm without turning on the radio. To accomplish this set the TURN - ON time as explained under " USE of TONE - ALARM" and leave the knob out from the cabinet. Set " AUTO - OFF - ON " switch knob to the "OFF" position. At the selected time, the buzzer will sound and will continue to sound until you turn it off by pushing knob all the way in.


An electrical outlet is provided at the rear of the receiver to use the TURN - ON feature on any electrical appliance which operates on a 110-120 volt, 60 cycle power supply. To use this outlet, simply plug in the appliance and set the controls on the clock the same as explained in the paragraph " USE OF TONE - ALARM " This will automatically start the appliance AND the radio at the selected time.


Current is available at this outlet whenever the radio is turned on.