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MUSE'l'1'E PAGE 3 1
MODEL lbasetlse 52,53 MUSEITE MODEL Musebhe 52 53
Each umt tn the accompanyrng dtagram
carrxes a sertal number The values of these
umts are as follows
Choker C102 50) turns C104, 1200
Remrorx R 102, volume control, 6,400 ohms
wrth 200 ohms fixed R 103 tone control
reststor specral R 203 center tapped 15
ohms, R sro 25,000 ohms, R311 one me
gohm R>14 100000 ohms R315 50000
VoL1'/lar DATA
The ordmary set analyzer wrll not grve
correct voltage readrngs on the Musette due
to so many readrngs havtng to be taken
through hugh resrstance Even a hugh restst
ance voltmeter wtll not grve a correct read
mg for the followmg crrcurts C bras for
45 tube detector plate voltage screen gnd
voltage and gnd bras, frrst audro plate and
800 to 1 000 ohms resrstance per volt should
grve a deflecuon on these crrcurts, but the
reading wlll be reduced by the hrgh re-
In checkmg to detcrmme there are no
open ttrcurts see that at least some readmg
rs had on the above crrcurts berng sure the
volume control rs turned to maxrmum vol
ume postnon Then read the followrng
voltages whlch vary accotclrng to ac lrne
toltage bemg sure the antenna rs dlscon
nected and condenser shreld rs rn posrtton
Read/ng from
Chassts to plate prongs of the 1st and 2nd
rf tubes and 45 output tube from 190 to
210 volts
Chassxs to screens of 1st and 2nd rf tubes
from 75 to 110 volts
Chassls to cathodes of 1st and Znd rf
tubes, should nor exceed 5 volts
Frlament to filament of all tubes except
80 from 2 S to 2 5 volts
Between chassrs and 80 hlament from 190
to 210 volts Should thrs read 250 volts or
more mdrcatrons are that the electrolytrc
condenser on retuner srde rs shorted to chas
Across speaker held from 100 to 110
volts Thxs readrng checks the hlter con
denser and mdrcates that the speaker held
ts not shorted
lf all the above voltages are correct and
some meter dellectton ts had on the other
menuoned crrcurts you can assume other
voltages to be correct and look for the
trouble elsewhere
It wlll be seen from the crrcutt dragram
that the tone conuol rs made up of the con
denser A 307 and the vanable resxstor R 103
If vananon of thts control has no effect the
condenser rs open If a vartatron of thus
control to maxtmum low note posmon cuts
out the reserved stgnal the condenser rs
If an exeeedlngly long antenna rs used
wrth the Musette rt may well effect the
25 Jl Ohm
2000 Ohm
100 In Ohm
50 M Ohm
In tuna nsto
traekmg of the mst rf clxufk A 30 foot
antenna rs recommended
W/hen adtusung for resonance use the
trtmmers only at the bottom end of the dual
and make the necessary adyustments wlth
the mmmers open as murh as possrhle lr'
they are screwed down trghtly there ts a
constant added capactty to the tuned clrcult
whseh mrght not allow the set to tune down
low enough The adlustment of the deter
tor tuned crrcurt rs qurte crmcal and great
care should be taken rn thus r.r,r.?rmem
Adyust at the top of the dtal by bendrng
the splrt hns on the rotor plates of the con
densers When malrrng these as well as the
tnmmer adyustments select a weak stgnal
to work on
HUM E|.tM|NA'uoN
ln case of exeesswe hum Srsr determtne
whether rt ls rn the chassrs or the speaker
by removrng the 45 tube lf the hum stops
the trouble rs most lxkely tn the chassrs If
the hum contmues rt rs probably ln the
Hum rn the chassts ts usually due to enther
a defecnve 24 detector tube or elertrolyuc
condensers erther shorted open or not prop
Hum rn the speaker may be due to the
hum buelung coll batng connected up rn the
reverse manner Therefore Frrst try revers
mg the buckmg corl leads These wtres
come out of the pot corl and go to the out
put transformer mounted on the stde or' the
speaker Lookmg from the back wnh the
transformer at the left the yellow upper rn
stde connectron and the black lower center
connecuon are the leads whlch should be
Red with yellow dot
Brown with green dot
Red with black ends
Green vuth yellow dot
Brown vuth yellow dot
Green w1th orange dot
Yellow with green ot
unit T
ftrst audlo C bias. voltmeter with from I _ _ _ _ "ly "{?'f"?d'" ' I _

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