Noblitt-Sparks Industries, Inc. 140P Schematic

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Manufacturer:Noblitt-Sparks Industries, Inc. (Arvin)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

Chassis RE-209

Eva ?3 _. ENE*

, 23.5 a .aw ,Eoio .............. psi amd .H

mood 5.25am
...osme Quantum 692.
iam noon

Mama 523m ? $3 dwg?


Page 2:

mums 5030 09:9

,.50 Barnum

Mama ESQ

vim ._D: .NGE BEEN*

.hmmm 0:5 ..5200 was 00585

.H00 020325 hmmm noon .30M

.awww 00200 new 005an


wume 515 Sw: HRS .00m0om

.hmmm 0300 EE man .30th

H30 .rm .H HEN

Lug SH. H5 Ho. :EBU

5 S misc _H362 .030%va

(C)J0hn F. Rider

Page 3:

Output meter connection .............. _ .
Output meter reading to indicate 50 m iwa s s an ar oupu _
Dummy antenna value to be used in series with generator output
Connection of generator output lead ..
Connection of generator ground lead
Generator modulation ......
Position of volume control .
Position of dial pointer with variable fully closed

_ Across loudspeaker voice coil
_ .......... .4 volts

, See chart below
. See Chart Below
Floating ground
30% 400 cycles
Fully clockwise
_. Last mark at left end of dial

Position Frequency Dummy Generator` Trimmers Adjusted ' Function
of of Antenna Output in Order Shown for of
Variable Generator Connection Maximum Output Trimmer
Open 455 .05 mfd. IR5 grid Top of 2nd & lst IF

1400 1400 *Test Loop CZ; Cl, Trimmers on Osc.
Variable Condenser Ant.
600 600 *Test Loop "Check Point

*Standard Hazeltine Test Loop Model 1150 or 3 turns of wire about 6" in diameter, placed about one
>>-foot from the set loop.

The alignment procedure should be repeated in the original order for greatest accuracy. Always keep the i
output from the signal generator at its lowest possible value to make the AVC action of the receiver in-

CAUTION: While handling the set out of the cabinet, be careful not to bend the loop because any change
in its spacing in respect to the aluminum plate will change the tracking of the antenne circuit with the

MIf the antenna stage does not track with the oscillator at 600 Kc, check to see if the loop is parallel with
the aluminum plate. If it is necessary to straigten the loop to track the set at 600 kc, it will be necessary to
retune the set to 1400 kc and repeat the alignment procedure in its original order until the correct spacing
has been obtained. In some few cases, due to variations in the parts and wiring of the set, the loop may 'I
have to be bent slightly out or in to track the set, but usually the best tracking is obtained with the loop


out wmv: com "Axes

DIAL LAMP mums sm"


(C)J'ohn F. Rider

Page 4:

.BN @2135 Nmoo _a .ounmgotoa _ESQSNSNN wEwwm 8 ....wa vosSmE E mva an BEEN "?353in
:oO E :a ?0526on Ho $.53 25 E mmou .5 05 E SEE mownmsu svun 95d 225 35m .N
oo: E? Num msn.. da: .532m v5 3 vmaownnou mm umm Q5 can? bac mwawnono EMS _dmv wap.. .H _HHOZ

"Eno mn . SEEN NB

wEso emu . .Quinn an. mEno NN ? .CsEEA NB MGQO no oungmwmvm vwmaaxoanii

man oo." 2350 MH

e5 2 Mom EP# wumgsxnm Mug mmE mEumwN wi
:$3 .23256 uswpvwbw was mhowsmunoo "523%

8 E1 _.:on un 325m m3 _EuEmG gamma m5 2
Ham v5 th unnamqu uma-H2' .3.3503 osb 2F
.coo 0353> 25 NE? >w| .Moana ESQ QQ, EB
$o> non Eno 02: m win: EE on at? _<> m6
msd m NE? oumE mum NEWEQSWNQE wmmSNS H9.

wwSHmmH vnu mm @5ch mE* QQ univme 3.50mme may

_ 3_Smi NN MSN MEN MQN NN _ NN 3. NN 2 3 nm NN Nm:

N_~._@_ m_N_N_N___ _N NN N N N Hanoi


(C)John F. Rider a

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