Noblitt-Sparks Industries, Inc. 358T Schematic

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Manufacturer:Noblitt-Sparks Industries, Inc. (Arvin)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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Montgomery Ward 74WG-2700C

This model is the samc as Model 54WG-
2700A that appears on pages 15-31 through
15-36 of Rider's Manual Volume XV. The
parts lists are thc same except for the i'ol-

Ref. Part

No, NU, Description

C2 l7A149 1.8-12 auf, loop antenna

C7 D67501 0.0005 uf, 400 v, tubular

C16 14A150 Gang condenser assembly

C32 47X182 7 auf, Ceramic

T6 53X235 117 v, 60 cycle, standard
power transformer

'17 9A1395 "B" band loop antenna

cone and voicc assembly

19X432 Flat wasth

26A382 Pulley mtg. plate asscm4

complete with idlei` pulleys,
idler studs, brace brackets,
string guide and dial back-
10X59 Drive cord
28X113 Drive cord tension spring
Type, vesAiaa Reeera Changer Pane
V-961B Motor assembly 60 cycle,
Crystal cartridge and semi-
permanent needle assembly.

Montgomery Ward. 93WG-BGIA,

Models 93WG-801A, 93WG-801B, 93WG-
801C, 93WG-802A, QSWG-802B, and 93WG-
802C are without the built-in loop and
their schematics are the same as those for
Models 93WG-801 and 93WG-802 that ap-
pear on page 11-47 of Riders Manual Vol-
ume XI. Models 93WG-801D and 93WG-
80113 are with built-in antennas and their
schematics are the same as that for Model
93WG-801 which appears on page 11-46 of
Riderk- Manual Volume XI4

Montgomery Word 94WG-2748C
Model 94WG-2748C receivers differ from

the Model 94WG-Z748B receivers by the re-

placement of a V-28A166 record changer

With a G.l.-28A168 record changer. The

following are the parts applicable to the

Gl-ZBAI?S record changer:

(lL-56176507 Mem, i-speea, so cycles

cryetel cartridge

Motorola KRS, OES. PCS. SRS

These models are schematically identical to
Ch. 8A. Model KRQ is designed for installa-
tion in the 1949 Kaiscr-Frazcr. Model 017.9
is designed for installation in all 1949 Cldsrno-
biles and in the 1948 Futuramic Oldsmobile.
Model PC9 is designed ior installation in the
1949 Pontiac, Model SRQ is designed for
installation in the 1949 Studebaker.

Asiatic - LTiD

National Service Hints
The NC-57 appears on pages 18-1 through

18-16 of Riders Manual Volume XVIII

Following is a list of troubles common to

the NC-57 and suggestions for correcting

1. Audio oscillation with automatic noise
limiter (ANL) on and a-f gain on full
a.Dress the primary leads to the out-

put transformer under the ANL
switch. Pull the excess length of
leads through the hole to the top of
the chassis,

2. Hum with ANL on and a-l gain on

a.Change the 61-16
3. Oscillation on B and C bands.

Check C19 h-f osc. grid coupling capac-

itor. This should bc 100 auf. A higher

value than this will produce oscillation.

Also change the oscillator grid resistor
from 47,000 to 22,000 ohms4

4. Parasitic oscillation on A band above

a. Check the ground lead of the r-f
amp, screen bypass capacitor. This
should be as short as possible and
soldered to the lug on the socket
mounting ring adjacent to pin 4. The
r-i amp cathode bias resistor should

. Noisy band switch4

a.Poor contacts in the switch, and poor
contact between the switch shaft and
the ground brushes on ER 210 coils.

b. Ground brushes on switch shaft rub-
bing on thc coil partition oi the ER

c. Coil partition mounting screws not
tightened down,

6, Noisy trimmer control.

b. Poor rotor brush contact or rotor
brush not grounded to the` mounting

eA Rotor shaft grounding spring on from
end of chassis is loose or missing.

7 Oscillation on E band at twice the i.l`.

a.Check to see that there is a metal

shield mounted on the trimmer
control bracket.

National Service Hints
The NC-183 appears on pages 19-11
through 19-85 of Riderh Manual Volume
XIX, Following is a list of troubles and
suggestions for correcting them:
l. Oscillation in the E band at twice and
three times the ij.

a. Look for loose screws on sides of coil

b. Be sure second i-f and ave amp.
plate leads are down near the chassis.

c. Be sure the diode leads of the 6H6
are down near the chassis.

dCheck ground loads on side of coil

e.Be sure that the first r-f grid lead
is down near the chassis.

f, Check ground at the end of the
shield on the bfo lead near the 6H6

2. Oscillation at low end of the B hand,

a. Check ground on main tuning capac-
itor and the ground brushes on band-
change switch shaft,

b,Be sure first i-f plate lead is down
nenr the chassis.

3. Pulling of' signal with antenna trimmer
on the A band.

a. Check ground on band-change switch

bfi/heck ground from tie rod on tuning
capacitor to chassis.

4, Motorboating with both r-f and audio
gains at zero,

a.Check value of inverse feedback
resistor R47. This resistor should be
4,700 ohms. A lower value than this
will cmise the motorboating.

5. Audio oscillation.

a,Output transformer may be wiled

b. Connecting leads to the transformer
may he reversed.

6. l'lum with limiter on.
a. Change limiter tube,
7. Back lash in main tuning or bandspread
a. Check end bearings of main tuning
and bandspread capacitors.
b. Check tension of spring on antiback.
lash gears.

Nohlitt-Spcxrks Models 358T, 3591'

Arvin Models 358T and 359T have the
saine chassis assembly as Models 152T and
1531" which appear eh page.- 184 through
16-3 of Ride/s. Manual Volume XVIII,
The only difference in these models is
the color oi the cabinet, rear cover, and
knobs. The parts that differ from those
listed in the 152T-l53T parts list are as

AA22993-1 Cabinet, sandal wood, for
Model 358T

AA22993-2 Cabinet, willow green, for
Model 359T

[XC-2169643 Cabinet rear cover assy.,
willow green, for Model

AC2169-4 Cabinet rear cover assy.,

willow green, for Model

Knob, gold for Model 358T
and Model 359T4

These models are similar to Model 50-1420
which appears on page: 20-183 lhraugh 20-
188 of Ride/.r Manual Volume XX, with the
exceptions given below.

Model 50-1421 uses an M-9C record
changer, which appears on page; RCD, CH4
19-35 through RCD. C11. 19-54 af Ride/_r
Manual Volume XIX; while Model 50-1422
uses an M-20 record changer, which appears
on page: RCD. CH. 20-1 through RCD. CH4
20-16 of Ride/_r Manual Volume XX.

The connection from pin 6 of the 1213126
goes to tap 2 of the oscillator transformer,
T400, instead of to tap 4 oi 2300, Resistor
R401, 47,000 ohms, is connected from pin Z
ofthe 12BE6 to pin l, and the lead from pin
Z now goes directly to B-, instead of to tap
2 of T400. The lead from C400B goes to the

The inside loop lead must be wired to the
aerial section of C400, and the outside lead
to the gang frame,

To prevent audio regeneration, the green
lead from pin 1 of the 6AQ5 tube to the
wiring panel must have excess wire dressed
toward the oAQS socket, and away from
C203 and the blue lead of T200.

The replacement parts list for Model
50-1420 applies to Models 50-1421 and 50-
1422, except for the differences indicated

0 me wheel (with Pew"
ones switch), 2 meg.

M400 52-45754. L00 Sellll 50-1421 Only
54-7745-3 Beam me:

@John F. Rider

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