Oldsmobile Div. - General Motors 982043, Late Schematic

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Model:982043, Late
Manufacturer:Oldsmobile Div. - General Motors (United Motors Service & Buick)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

IDDEL 982045 lite

Above Swift-20,000
Voltage ,Chassis


ALL menus no" mum' wg'

(l) Olds Model 982045 Circuit Diagram

Beginning with Serial No. A-20,000




Fig. (5) Olds Model 982043' Parts Layout

(2) olds Model 982045 Socket voltage

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

Page 2:


PAGE 9-4 oLDs

htm ci.th Plrt llc. Part NMS DSICTiptiQD 111115.

nee sntennn e1rou1t 1s drreeuy coupled to the notonns 1:. toner-st om the ospeo1ty 1550554
ooupud o1reu1t used in sooo pronous o1dmus1e modus. A mu edsusteore oonden- 7250407
.or 1s prov1deo for rdJustLoe the sntenun e1roust to tue sntenns. me edgustment 1s 7250505

no.. nerr tue my. trooueney end or one pond (1400 Lo.) >1nstoed or et tne 1ov rre- venom
oueooy eno es vrtn toe esp-ony eoup1ed sets. 1200515

A "meal-mstmoe" switch 1s provided on the tuning control used with this receiver. 7250525
In the "Dlstencv pes1t10n, the receiver hes 1ts naxmum sensitLvity. Ln the 'Inc-1"

rt muy be neoesssry to repent the ent1re procedure for eccurete sd-

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

con 1st 1.11. ton essemmy . .
pon end 1.r. eo11 assembly .

co11 .. . "A" filter choke

con 11.11. motor noise enoke .

Coil RJ. motor noise choke .

pos1t1on, the receiver functions nth reduoed sens1t1v1ty. The circuitis so desimed 1250144 condenser vnr1nh1e gene sondeoser
so that when the |ons1t1v1ty sutoh 1s o1thsr 1n the moon" or Imetnnee" ses1t1ons. 1209515 condense. rubuxsr .05 doo v.
the reeo1ver operates nthA the some nigh se1eet1v1ty. 1210591 condenser rubunr .05 soo v.
411 or tho sdsustsble ooodensers Lo toss roeotvor ore very seeuretexy sdjusted et tue 7250910 Comime Tabu" -04 50? V~
rsotory und should need no further edjusueot (moptmg mtenns condenser). 1! rer 120950" 0111160111" Wm" -02 2?? V'
ougmsent 1s round oo te oetesssry, the e1reu1ts een to proper1y edsusteo on1y "tx-.1507906 Cendant m" -1 40? V- ~
tha Ml 0! B tiallbl'ltmi ?85! 05611181501' or 519111 generlwl' Ind l_ll Output letbfv
' 1250210 condenser Bv-poss meer 20
souowmd znsrnucnons: .. . seo. s .1 zoo v. .
conneetine the output Meter . see. 0 ..05 eco v.
connett one temmsl or the output meter to the p1ete ortne also output tube. Insert 7250911 condenser 11ml" .005 800 v. .
in series nth thu 1esd e .1 mrd. or 1srgsr, doc vo1t condenser. connect the other '1250590 Condenser .005 1600 V. .
torm1ns1 or the output meter to the ehsssrr rrsme. The purpose of the series eonden. 7250912 condenser .008 200 v. .
ser 1s to protett the meter from dsmnge. 1350241 condenser Ant. trimmer .
1 :50514 condenser ustuletor nrdder .
1. Peskin; tne 1.11Y stress st 252 Kuooyeles
1209055 condenser Moulded .acces .
Before ony sttempt 1s mods to peek the reee1ver, the "sueutsvnw eentro1 must pe m1210275 Condenser WGN -0001 ~~
the "mstnnee~I posstron. reovees condenser Moulded .00005 (1oe1. in
It the oootro1 heed 1s not removed from the our, use ony convenient method to short1209?55 Condenser ledmi -00025 (11ml- 1n md 1.1'
the oonneetxons or the tooo oontrol snd oons1t1v1ty tontro1 reoeptsexe. Mommy) ~-
1210215 condenser moulded .0001
short errcuxt the oonnottxons ss sheen sn mgure 1 "to the oontro1 pw; proper1y17250249 Condenser Hlsh 001111011001' >5 ISU V~ -
shorted. 12150250 condenser Huh condenser .s 150 v. .
(s) connect the ground lose or tho test oso111stor to the chess1s rrsme. _a
o 1208885 Resistor 1 mee. ohms 1/4 putt
connect s .1 mrd. oendenser rn series nth the other 1ssd snd ooo. ?g 1250509 hesutor ure sound-_10,000 ohm
noot tms load to tne grid cup or the trsus1stor m0 tubs noun; m ,L 1209855 hesuter 100,000 ohms 1/4 eott _.
the gud o11p 1n plate. >>_1_|` 1211105 Reenter 40,000 ohms 1 wstt ..
'g H 1211058 Reustor 1000 ohms 1/2 'ste . es
The .1 nrd. condenser 1s noeessery to prevent the ose111stor err-oust = L_ 1210552 nos1stor 15,oao onus 1/4 vott 44
of the reos1ver from srreotun; the LY. ndjnsooent. g g 11110410 Resxstor 500 n. 1/4 "tt 45
g g 1210962 Reenter so x. 1/4 'stt _ 46
(p) set the test ostxustor on the ess x.c, 111111121 Resistor 1/4 v-tt 11
1209394 Resistor .zoo H. 1/4 "tt 4s
(e) Torn the vo1ume eontrox or the reee1ver on run.
(d) Peek both LP. trimers on the 2nd LP. een. 'rms 1s pert s Ln the 1811220 Resistor 500 ohms 1/4 "tt . 51
top view or the reoouer, (ssgure e). a 1211001 Reenter 000 ohms 1/2 ntt . 52
g 1211222 Resxstor 600 ohms 1/4 watt .. 55
(e) then peek both trxmmers on the 1st 1.1'. :011, pert 4 1n the drenng, s S 1211000 Resistor 100 ohms 1/4 ntt
(ngure e). 2 ` '1250059 Res1stor 9500 ohms 1 nntt . .
3 1211010 Rss1stor 500 ohms 1/4 estt ..
(r) In order to 1nsure eeourste settings or the 1.11. urumers, the stove y ? _
edJustmouts should he repented, usmg the 1osest ose111stor output g a 3,' 1250111 control volume 1 meg. se
thot '111 gtve e renoneme deueetxou or the output meter po1nter. q g _ 1250251 choke ...15" r11ter shore . 50
me 111 sdgususente for ssxxmm output. g g 3 12501104 honsrorner Amuo output
. 12501164 condenser . mootsorytre
(x) ?2232; a ev;os;n;t;el:nc;fd;:;e:?it Oscillltnt the antenna Cunnectwr B a 2 7930225 "meromar vibratnr 'anatomy ss
' ' ` d g . 1250559 sperker un1t only _ . se
u s t tn t t 11 tor st rseu 11.c. 5 'F l= 72"'75" "'m' "1"" 55
(o) Turn the gong condenser oomp1ete1y out of mesn. _ 3 3 ?? e "m" 71
(d) Adjust the osoinetor tr1mmer for mon-un output. 'g 5 m 7? "Umm" "5
(center sett1on or tho sour condenser). 5 _) 7250905 52;: "1"" '""my' u
(e) set the test oso111stor et 1400 x.c. g Sr. 7250904 Cl" WV" - 75
3:; 1amsee speeker plug seeket . . 1s
(f) Tune the gong son enser or usx1mum output 5 EE 50mm "but" _____ lm_smmomu'
(g) more tne m. trsoneo ror some. output. (rep semen) 1, Q
(h) Adjust the ontenns eompenseting eondenser for meximum output. gg g nun' "m ,uber mmm'
(Put 2., 1,, "gun 5_) ? the toned." ports hsve been eddodx
(1) set the test ost-111stor ot 600 Lc. ? an "a Descnptun Inu;
125.11111 resistor 25,0cu e wott
(a) 'mme the pong eondenser for monsoon output. 795mm Rumor 12,000 1/4 "In
(k) Adjust tho oso111stor pending condenser (Port es _1h Figure a) end st ima; ,1:21325 :'ggg :set
the some tune root the gong condenser peck snd forth through the sig- 7mm Guam" ' 1 m ,ku
nsl. :111s ogeromon sheo1d te oontmued until no further rnerosse ,mms comm" 12 m'm 25 von
"n be ? "m - 12m141 11.11. Root. choke ..
1909109 condenser .01 m. doo o t
(1) RePM" S' F1 C" H~ 19.510111 0240 Tube sh1e1d .,
12.11596 ow rope neotuser
(m) Ir the oso111etor psddrng oondeneor vss msterisuy out or ndyustment, .723222, ,LR MCL choke (hunted when 0745

tune 1s used on nrst

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