Parker Mc Crory Mfg. Co. 1938 Masterpiece Schematic

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Model:1938 Masterpiece
Manufacturer:Parker Mc Crory Mfg. Co.

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'MODEL 680 1958 Masterpiece

PEAK 456 K. C.

can ,Q



WARNING: The following informntion il to be used only by nn experienced servicemln with the proper equipment. In
mort cues it lx neun-ry only when let hu been tempered with or dem-gal by ueident.
LF. ALIGNMENT: Connect lilull generator. through .00025 cond.. to grid up of GDB tube. Set sifnol generator ot 456

ILC. (thil lllult he neeul'lte). dill pointer lt 1700 ILC.
Connect luitlble output lneter "roll voice toil of loud lDelker.

Short out oleillntor leetion (center lection) of vlrilhle cond
(lf output meter ix not lvlilohle it will he neeelelry to ndlult

ease ears 677s 55,65# c" ' 617s


hy ell', using the loudest note from lilnll generltnr.) Increlse ltvenultor until output meter shows deflection or l note il

helrd from signs] generltor. Clreiully adjust LF.

trnnaforlner trimmer' for gre-test defleztion of meter or loudelt note from

Keller-tot. Reduce Kentrltor output I! intenlity of uiznll inerelses ns LE! Ire tuned nearer their origiull 458 K.C. letting.
Siznnl lhould he jult audible hy ent. Go hlek over the .ldjustluentl to he lure they are correot. Remove lhort from oleillltor

section of varilhle cond. and ldjuntmeut is complete.

gre-tent deflection of meter or loudest note. (I) Set [enerltor lnd
tnmmer "E" for urutext deflection of meter or loudest note.

A"D" for gre-test deflection or louder! note. (Thin adjustment is critics] and mint be "cur-te.) Ro
lulllment lt lelet twice to be lure lt is Corrett.

position. Connect riglul len. to Int.
Clrefully ldlult trimmer "B" for

ILC. 'note while :dinning trimmer "D."

POLICE AND AMATEUR BAND ADJUSTMENT: (l) Set lwit?h in Police-Amlteur
post Al through 400 ohm resiltor. (2) Se! len. Ind diul pointer to 6 mel. (6000 ICC-L
gre-test deflection or loudest note. Check ldjuxtment with len. und dill pointer lt Z meg.

' FOREIGN BAND ADJUSTMENT: (1) Set lv'iteh in Foreign politiou. Connect Ken.
' ul pointer to 18 meg. (18000 K.C.). This luult he lc'mrlte.

. (z) set "ner-w. ...a ai
' ...a me. s trim..." for mum deflection a. lumen nm.

ALIGNMENT: (I) Connect lilnll generltot, through .00025 cond., to antennl Dolt Al.
n. (2) Set siznnl generator Ind dill pointer to 1700 K.C. _(3) Adj

dill pointer to

Cheek ldjultment with gen. Ind

ut one. B.C. trimmer "A"
1400 ILC. Adjust .menu B.C. trimmer .nd
(5) ser generator and dm painter to we K.c.\ .mime trim-er
ck cond. png emu 600

Short were lwiteh in
(lee dillrlm) for

(3) Clrelully ndjdlt trimmer
dill pointer It 7 meg.

(C)John F. Rider

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