Patterson Radio Co. 107 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Patterson Radio Co.

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N S S S .t Aid < f m
T M m S .5505552 xii __

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1 MODELS 107,107A
mms 127,12" PATTERSON RADIO C0.

one w out.
FIG 9 Flaw
1 I MODELS 8'7 ak 87A MODELS 10'7 at 107A PIG* 11
The lollowl'ng tables show characteristic voltages at various MODELS &
points through a normal chassis.
All Voltaqes Measumble Under The Fullnwm' g Con" l . mm., mwm m . ,, n x
I Transformer lirts tap in 110-115 V. position line voltage 115 V. '- lg' aiu-_F "www a# A33 1: is"ng
60 cycles. Band change switch set on Band No. 2. No antenna. No _ f
signal being received sensitivity adjustment set at maximum pcsi- H
1 tion. All voltages listed measured lrom point indicated to chassis
` (ground), all readings taken on standard 1000 ohm per volt. Volt-
mate sereeu cathode supprnser
RF 6K7 200 v. App. so v. App. 2 v. App. Tied to Cathode
ceo. GAB 90 v. App. 2.5 v. App.
l lr 5K7 200 v. App. an v. App. 2 v. App. Tied to cathode
I2)!F 257 200 v. App. 90 v. App. 2 v. App. Tied to Cathode
Audio *50 V. App. 0 V. App.
out ut ers 200 v.A p. 200 v. App. 15 v. App.
Rem. 13x36 Emoteclvsip v. AcI Plate No. 2-350 V. AC
easura e wit o meter oh y.
*Not actual, (measured through 500,000 ohms). 12,7 & 127A
let litter 360 v. App.
Plate Screen Cathode Suppressor i l
HF 5K7 235 v, App. 50 v. App 2.5 v. App. Tied to cathode i:
oso. 6K7 80 v. App. 235 v. App. 0 v. App. Tied to Cathode ,iq 3:35
Mod. 51.7 235 v. App. 00 v. App. 3 v. App. Tied to cathode Mt; my: ,m m
ll; ?t?; h as h x- Ash emma >>= = -=>>A w"
Audio 6Q7 55 v. App. 'l' 'M " "I
Output are 235 v. App. 235 V. App. 18 v. App. m
output srs 235 v. App. 235 v. App. la v. App. 40a K
~Not actual, (measured through 500,000 ohms). 9m: 5M( r H '5?0KQ
M*Measured only with AC voltmeter. n,
lst Filter cond. 325 v` Dc
2nd Filter ceud4 250 v. Dc 'W , , 1 4oo xc
t Plate semen cathode suppressor __________ ' """""""""""""
l m' 6K7 250 v. App. llu v. App 2.5 v. App. 'ned to cathode FIG. 7
1 A 22 h *lm hw- APP Ls ?~ ew Aiea :?
ee. . pp, . . , . 'e o at ode
wg QPF, gg; ig; ??egm will:on TRIMMER 8c PADDER CONDENSERS
. pp. . p. 2. . p. te tocat ode
gli' ess; 250 v. App. 110 v.Ap?. 2,5 v. Ap; 'ned to cathode MODELS 87 ,87A |107 ,107A . l
Audio 6 7 ?~'90V.A . ov.A .
output ees 325 v. A25. 250 v. App. 20 v. Ag; "SIIG "HN" Am USING MIIB!!! UMA
output ers 325 v. App. 250 V. App. 20 v. App. '/mml
EYE ass Target zso v. App, o v. App. O Q (R) O
Rest. 5x4G $4'Plone No. 1_.330 v. Ac. Plate No. 2430 v. Ac. O O p
'Measurable with beat oscillator switch turned on, (R)
a"Measurahle only with Ac volrmeter T
"wot actual, (measured through 500.000 ohms).
1st Filter cond. 350 v. App. T T 6mm
2nd Filter cond. 235 v. App. mm Mmm I

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher '

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