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Manufacturer:Philco Radio & Television Corp.

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MODEL 89,19


Figure 4`Schemallc erlng Dlarlrnm

Fig. 3--Buk M Model 89 2nd l'l Chassis, thowlllk location of Compelnllln?

In run number 5; the antenna coil (R) part number 06619 was changed to new coil partv number
32-1062. The .interstage coil (C) part number_06662 was changed to new coil part. number 32-1063.
`Tlie volume control and A. C. switch-Q) part` number 33-5004 was changed to new Volume Control
(only) 'part 'number 33-5007. A combined "On-OKTnnd frequency change switch wns added, part
number 42-1002. The above changes permitsthe police and .airplane broadcastv reception.

In run number 2, Model 19-121; run_ number 3, Model 19-122; a (2900 ohms) resistor, part number
5309 wasa'dded. This resistor was connected between condenser, lug> No. 3 to lug No. 5 on the
condenser` mounted' between (R) antenna transformer and the R.- F. socket.

The following changes were Inadu in 19-122 to make 19-123 under run No. l:-

The sub base part'I number 8136 was changed to new sub base part number 29-1051. The tuning`
condenser assembly part number 06702 was chan ged to .new condenser assemblypnrt number 31-1004.
lIThe dial scale 8111 was changed to new dial scale 7882. The A. C. Socket part number 5962 wus
removed, The bottom shield part number 8057 was removed. The two side brackets part numbch
18133 and 8134 were removed. Four new mounting feet part number 4222 were added. The two
.electrolytic eondensers part number 8095 were changed to part numbers 8165 and 8166.

Below run number 4 on 89-121; run number 1 on 19-121; run number 2 on 19-122, the wiring on the

compensating condenser (R) was reversed and the fibre nut, part number 7505 was changed to part
number 3151 (brass nut); part number W-775 hole_eover was added.

.Notes for 25 cycle Model _89`-A_
_,use (R) power transformer part number 8047. Change
(R) electrolytic condenser (6 mid.) part number 8165 to new condenser (8 mfd.) part number 7558.
Change Ge electrolytic condenser (6 mfd.) part number 8166 to new condenser (8 mfd.) part number

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Correcting Intermittent Operation

On some of the earlier models of the 89, 19 and 38, diliiculty may occasionally be experienced with
intermittent operation. This condition usually occurs during periods of humid weather, and is caused by
stopping of the oscillator. In some cases, the radio may be completely dead and at other times this in-operative
condition may exist over a portion of the dial only.

There are a number of possible causes for the diliiculty and the necessary steps have been taken in
later production to correct the condition. On a few of the earlier sets, however, it may be necessary to make
one or more of the changes outlined below:

1. OSCILLATOR TUBE: In most cases, partial or complete failure of the oscillator
circuit can be corrected by replacing the oscillator tube.

2. BATTERY VOLTAGE: In the Model 38, low voltage of the "A" or "B" battery may
cause failure in oscillation.

3. CATHODE RESISTOR: In the Models 89 and 19, correct performance can usually be
restored by changing the cathode resistor (R) in the wiring diagrams of service bulletins
146 and 146A from 15,000 ohms to 10,000 ohms (Philco Part No. 4412). In the Model
38, the cathode resistor (R) in the wiring diagram of service bulletin 106 is changed from
6,000 ohms to 4,000 ohms (Philco Part No. 33-1040).

4. COMPENSATING CONDENSERS: The first I. F. compensating condensers in Models
89 and 19 (R) in service bulletin 146, (R) in service bulletin 146-A and (R) in service
bulletin 166 have been changed from Part No. 04000-M to Part No. 31-6016. The new
condenser has a larger insulating surface between the plates of the condenser and the
mounting holes. The possibility of moisture absorption is thus eliminated.` It is
necessary to re-drill a hole in the chassis so that the condenser can he mounted correctly
with respect to the opening in the chassis for the compensating condenser wrench.

5. BAKELITE WASHERS: In order to prevent moisture absorption with resulting drift-
ing in the compensating condenser adjustment, a bakelite washer and a metal washer
are now being used on top of the compensating condenser, in place of the libre washers
previously used. The part number of the bakelite washer is 27-4109 and the metal
washer (placed on top of the bakelite) is W-1331. These two replace the old Hbre
washer Part No. 3500.

6. MICA INSULATION: It was found on some sets that the mica which separates the
leaves of the high frequency oscillator compensating condensers was extremely thin and
would crack easily. Moisture absorption in the cracks was sufficient to stop oscillation.
This condition was corrected by replacing the mica.

". WIRE INSULATION: The wire which connects from the oscillator tuning condenser
to the oscillator coil should be rubber-covered. Possible moisture absorption in the
insulation of the cotton>>covered wire may be sudicicnt to produce leakage to ground.

B. OSCILLATOR COIL IMPREGNATION: In some cases, it may be desirable to re-
impregnate the oscillator coils in accordance with the present methods of production.
The coil is dipped in hot paratline for twenty seconds. The entire coil, including the
terminals, is submerged; the only part which is out of the parafline is a portion of the
mounting lug, thus assuring a good ground connection. The coil and the paramne both
are allowed to cool until the paralline becomes a considerably heavier consistency. at
which time the coil is again dipped, thus allowing a fairly heavy covering over the
entire coil. The coil is now entirely sealed and will not be all'ected by any moisture

9. TUNINC CONDENSER: A few tuning condensers of the 89 and 38 Models went out ot'
the factory with a sanded surface on the bakelite between thc stator and rotor plates.
Moisture absorption at this point was sullicient to stop oscillation. Changing the tuning
condenser to the type with smooth bakelite insulation will correct the trouble. In
present production, these hakclite pieces arc dipped in insulating varnish to seal all
possible openings which might absorb moisture.

10. OSCIIJATOR SOCKETS: In extreme cases it may be necessary lo change the detector-
oscillator tube socket. Moisture absorption occasionally takes place around the rough
edges of the socket.

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MODEL 89,19



Models 89 and 19

'|'liii l'|iili:~>> Radio of thi: NJ iiud lSiSbriiidisn ii who su icr- l 1
livliii'uilyiw, u playing the liigli'iimiiiencyHJ volt, lilarrimit ' fl. ,-111 .-111
tubes, iiiiinm- ' voliimn` controlaiid pcntodgfoutpul.. The i
innimiixliiite frequency iisrxl in iidjiiiting Llir siipvr-
tion of the mvdols' 80 and lil is 60 waits.

Table 1~Tube Socket Dnta*-->>A. C. Line
Voltage 1157Volts

v _ Dial 2nd (inn
'All o( the n>iujiii|zs` above in lele l weie taken from the, under side _ P _It \F-
i nf i-liiianin, iinliiiz mi ods nndleadl with a suitable A. O. vultmciuriim
riiiinwiii voluizva lin ii high minimise. multi-mile D. (_). voluiiener in: I U
iill nilwr rouiiiiiizs. Volume mntrol'iii mliu'inum and witch and iiiiizinn
wlueinr iii-i ini` 5510 KC. Ranging; uiken with a radio m mini- and
plug-iii udiipur will limA bs satisfactory. F mmm* SG Sauna Grid K cMhodo
Table 2-'Power' Transformer Data i> vim. cc conimi and nr Diode vim
miinai I ` Circuit coin.-
- 0.3 Filament: Blank
5.0 |1110 Blue
670 Plain v1 so Ynnuw
` ' ' ` Gogh-p 13"'"4 "Huw 1 "m" Caution: Never connect the ohassis to the power supply
S ' 01 9-10 Yi'llvwnmn Tm" unlcss the speakeris connected and iill tubes are in place_


Flihlre 3- lnternnl Connecxionu Filter

soma 3%; gsm; 215W QP, 14 iS sam i-*in4 Php view .ia Chassis mowing 'rim
13 A A ,Y _ ing condense", Modem nv and i9. "in

Figure 'z-iignmm vimv or chasm, shnwing i'nrm

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