Philco Radio & Television Corp. 19-122-126-126B Schematic

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Manufacturer:Philco Radio & Television Corp.

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The following additional list prices should be included in the Replacement Parts list:

Figs Description

0 V'olmne Control .........................................
0 ane Band Switch. .

0 Antenna Trnnsformer

Tuning Condenser As
g Oscillator Transformer. .

Switch ("On-OE"; Butte )..
Battery Cable Amembly incl
Station Selector Dial We .....

Note: The above list prices are eHective September 15, 1933.

Model 71 Series

Io wind lymphlal worr-
Change Part No. 02761 @, Speaker Field and Bucking Coil membled with Pot (Ii-7)*(singls
speaker Models), to Part No. 02741.

Change Part No. 02762 @ Speaker Field and Bucking Coil assembled with Pot-_(K-9)-(twin
speaker Modem-to Part No. 02761.

Model 19-12%126-1263

The following substitutions of electrolytic condensers are effective with current production:

Position Code 122 Code 126 and 126B
(Model 19 only) (Models 89 and 19)

(These are all of 6.0 Mfd. capacity)

EEective with Run Number 5, Tuning Condenser (R) is su rseded by Tuning Condenser, Part
No. 31-1053. The complete Tuning Condenser Assemny (R) Part o. 06577, is superseded by Assembly,
Part No. 31-1059.

The sub-base has been modified to accommodate the new condenser by change in location of
mounting holes.

Effective with Run Number 6 for Model 89, slid with Run Number 5 for Model 19, the red and
black wires oonnecting Oscillator Transform :r (R) and Compensating Condenser-(lst. I. F. Primary)
'Q are reversed at the Compensating Condenser.

Put No. 3615BF Condenser is substituted for Part No. 361512 in @.

Change Part No. 02761 Q, Speaker Field and Bucking Coil assembled with Pot (li-7), to Part

EEective with Run Number 6 for Model 89, and with Run Number 5 for Model 19, the red and
black wires connecting Oscillator Transformer 0 and Compensating Condenser-(1st. I. F. Primary)
(R) are reversed at the Compensating Condenser.

Models 91 ond 14 Series
Make (R) Oscillator Coil read Part No. 05983. This part has a list price of 65 cents.

Model 91-122

_ With Run number 2, Tuning Condenser Assembly (R) will be changed to Part No. 31-1051,
immediately superseding Part No. 31-1015. In the substitution, it is necessary to remove three of
Part No. W>>453 mounting bolts and add three of Part No. W-729 mounting bolts; to add three Part
No. 29-6060 spacers, six Part No. 3914 rubber washers, and three Part No, W-410 washers.

Model 91-A; Code 121

Effective with current production, this Model will have two Part No. 8022 (10 microfarad)
Electrolytic Condensers.

No. on Put Lis(

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