Pilot Radio Corp. 213 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Pilot Radio Corp.

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:


MODELS 215,215

.n . Q . _ ax; Exumw 1k" Sim uk Uri QQSG LE me 8h .Grind __ ._,u "53 _ _22 au _n _
ul?`?u< .ZXQm-Skm rubs _$3 SSI; '?22 2. u mg
A n A A A i ESQ \mw w" 3m3kxx 25. n se?? P? in; u 25.3
'Nm M M M "l _ K ?$?2`?R k ._ _m _ wink u
Sui _

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

Page 2:


Voltage ,Ali gnllleal'li'l

f "To ...novo Ll.. onmn l.n.n .no alum nnooooa no

now ouuug mm

nomo" an "nun'on" knob. and loln when lnun mu

Rnnlouo an noun: plug from un .nom an :hu mn

move mn lou: moundng moon lound uodornmln

REAuGNMBNT should .no .umm noun. no
lowud. no. low mul.. nn mmm .nodulolnd ooo-undo:

lowm now are dum lor aligning Baud l, 'rhooo in obo
nooond now fron. .no loononn of: of Bond z. no" in uno
nhan now up uno for an mondeo. ln llnn Moda ul
nlnnun nook lon .no lanondmn.

poddgr lol- nho Longwnvu range n loaned a: dl. rlgm nl
:undo zlu-ough u hole prouidod ln nho no" of me ann-na

L F. ALIGNMBNT: When digning th: 'naman-.JL
.no no us kn Tn. Bond solemn sndull mould bu in :lu
nhould bo no: a; maximum apudry. Gunmen mu "annum"
lad of :he "nmol osdllnnon lo mo oonwol gnd ol nh.
type 6m who m me x. F. Amplloon nugo enough n

rnqunnoy hung _so .n oo



rho mmol omllulon m m may" ground lud. Thu
l, la nuglnnlung cannon m lomod un me dd: ol .ho
onloldod . l=, Tnnnfomnnn. Rom .no ndiuodng no."
on; .mm-l onollnlo. lon from :hu me srl I. F. unnlv
so. :uno and :onnoa n in uno "mo mnnun no :annul

Now rom unch udiumunu ww on L F. Uni; No. l
for mmmun ougpm, Duong anno onmo'onnvuno an.

nnoo who

ln ordler m chain the 411?* lnnlnle [PII-Ilnmtfll Of
.no lv l=. nnpua... in in numdul no room m nugmnon;

lud- no ul. "muon nnunn'n und ground loud.. so: uno
mod solmf swlnh ln uno *honour poduon und
Minn dn? bmw lon; mum mann".

mum lesponx. Fihihy Lb! mm kdibn himmt!

nno low.. .w "onion nl o bond m, und" me
CIHSSIK. st( 'IM mil OACiIIlml IU WU kc. RWM dit
IZSZIVC! "ming CDHCKUI "BDI ImminEUR? i5 indium Thtn
nook uno uuning oonnol bunk nnd lonln .noun ln.. mon.
condense( for the Miha! remth ,

Now .gpm n.. woo ln.. ...nm .dlnononn follow.

a) will dur fcr 'he bloldw With the gupb'nn ol the


MODELS 215 ,215

whun augnmg Band z, m m Band sam: swadn
in uno Pouoon nmlnod "sund soy a.; :unang oonmi
"pm-oo. on Bnnd 2 for maximum ongpul. Nm :dim
ul: lowing. and nnmuu .onion ollgnmonz anamor-
for maximum umpul,

To ullgn Bond l, no: chu Band solng swim in all:
poa'u'on murkod "Band l". sos she mnlng mmol pon-lu:
16.6 mam. Myno one own-nn. omlon .ln-gnnnono a.
nnnanon on Bond u fn. nnnxinnnn ononnr.

Pnooud nm n. .ugn a.. nnwungo moon nl anna 1.
ln doing do., in io unnon'nl no nonln on. nunlnq ooqu
ban ond fonhlnbonl uno mmm pouidon md u :he
mno limo m :dum mu mmm" lon :he highm mounnm
Nm align mo mono; union for lnmmum un'

muo: poinn lon me Modul zu, which lo "mound in
nam only. l. nu follow
Pad a: LOW memn.

Pad :A ?00 neun.
Bind 1 Align a; 49 mae".

and 1

REMOVAL cl' BAND snuacmn swrm-l As
>slslmxmn should in no nudaury ro "move :no .wand
56m. MIDM doing dis, bwevn', ix il ' to un'

In in ndvlsuhlo do mugn an maven nn.. nennnmn;

uno only noslN cons 50mm. rlva usa
some Posts ox Aan wass or Amr,


Pawn Common-70 Wim.

Gmail v43m up of Tuned Rulio Frumuxy mpliiutim (or R. F. OnDn. I. F. DiodeDa. Animiv. Paw,ng lush:
ull fnoqlma'n, ummplud mill-mmm, Type 6K7 Typem Typom Typosl-lo Typ. op 'mn-oss Typo 52.4

Wmlmph ng?~me 550 mem m 16 mem-l (545 h. no 18.800 kg), Seen 90 90 90 7m' 260 __-

moo ami". _Tm 5x7. vM F. mom. so. .ll bundu. o Amy, "_m "?'

mms 108' log 'IOP vmw oF cmssls MODELS N los 1o9
l. F. Auemsm. wn... .n lun no :mmol mon-.q Ammo., nouns menu (lucxl wa

.U21 mId. Gnd condenser. Canned In. load af ill memll millliof D6

lo mo may ground loud. nn. |. p f/'Im Ann

env Tune

noAncAsl meme n-r mu l. mlm" n oonlplul-ly 'uno ua,
:ov-nm mo .nmol Mill. loud; v m- " 1m .ln-nn. ...a wound lu an
s-v mn "no sum .n n.. :wud oodndn .no m adn-Ing mmol

cum .sszmw

mow umm Paw:

Nm .dim lho lm lo. nnddor :ond-nw. sol m m
'ook n.. no.an como: ml ...o com. noon' on: .annum now

.a n.. "noun-nf of ln. may :ond-mf. m .nom-.u momma;

ln.. nn :"4 sum on no don ...on nomo". ron. w. on..." *lu-lo. lo ELECTRICAL _ 11-- D. c. vnu-gn .n nnod no In. who nod-n o# a.. ,or uno-u In you
don-l ...n n.. no ...my nonnnn.. nn nu .I lo . Minn u.. mon y... ' No, M1 Nm wo Nd 15 No.4: Mn.
mn. m on.; mom.. .o nom o. m. vol ...num ...nn u "from u Amnu, c, Colhod. u 15
Pow connlnlynon ,m wnnu -Sy'w- as bs ...... . 9s
me men ww Allusruswn woo-on.. :n m uno-l no n ynnn.. ,wh M "uma "mush ww ,hm PM. mm `
ln u. 'mom' muon o l .I mow. All n ul :1s ln. Mm on .au-y ' L /


...nomo on ...noon All "anod- yoleng.. Mud lu
sold von-go los .on

mold n no uno-som vo my. no bnnd "mon -o-mly, h lx .downl-

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher l

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