Promenette Radio & Television Corp. 501A Schematic

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Manufacturer:Promenette Radio & Television Corp.

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:g_fgzg METAL ONLY- RSA? cSL

Cl' clev "T CTN-l *OH certain sets a 6-henry

cz-,ooozsns my "a __Lca C 9 / choke is used here,in which

C31???NF C7 J 41 v- R case CQ becomes

choosen: cn .asus W" 62-5 ~==G so mf and cio

Set ~volume! control at maximum. Connect -B of chassis t.0
ground post of signal generator through a 1-an condenser.
Connect output meter across output transformer secondary.

Dummy antenna --- ZSO-mf condenser

Connect AVC dicdes(4 and 5 on lZSQ? tube base) to chassis
ground through a l-megohm resistor. Set signal generator
to 456 kc. Feed signal to No.8 pin on lZSK7 through the
dummy antenna.

Adjust trimmers on the output i-f transformer to maximum

Remove signal from 125K7 tube base and place on No.5 pin 6*'

Adjust trimmers on input i-f transformer for maximum sig- t? J

For overall alignment of' the i-f transformers, connect

the signal generator to the external antenna and retune #3 K

for maximum output.

For tracking of' the oscillator and r-i` coils and

trimmers on the tuning assembly proper proceed

Center pointer on the scale, making sure that it does not over-ride the scale on either
end of the band.

Set pointer to 1400 kc on the dial scale. Set signal generator to 1400 kc.

Connect signal generator to external antenna lead. Do not use dummy antenna.

Adjust oscillator trimmer "E" until maximum output is obtained.

Adjust antenna trimmer "O" until maximum output is obtained.

Reset dial pointer to 750 kc and reset signal generator to 750 kc.

Adjust antenna coil "A"(by loosening screws and sliding the coil form either up or down)
until maximum output is obtained.

Reset dial pointer and signal generator to 550 kc,

Adjust screw plunger "B" in the center oscillator coil "0".(Clockwise to raise frequency
and counterclockwise to lower frequency.)

(C)John F. Rider

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