Pure Oil Corp. 5A65WG-503 Schematic

Pure Oil Corp. 5A65WG-503

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Product Information:
Manufacturer:Pure Oil Corp.

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PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 15
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Page 1:

Tuning Frequency Range ... 540 to 1600 KC
Power Consumption ... 30 watts (At 117 volts AC), 50 watts Phono operating
Power Output ... 1.5 watt maximum, .9 watt (10% harmonics)

Selectivity ... 55 KC Broad at 1000 Times Signal
Speaker ... 5" PM Dynamic
Sensitivity (for .05 watt output) ... 25 microvolts average

Page 2:


Turn the large drive pulley to the maximum counterclockwise position. Use a new 57 inch drive cord, tie one end to the tension spring and fasten the other end of the spring to the drive pulley. Install the cord as shown in the illustration. Wind 2 % counterclockwise around the tuning shaft with the turns progressing away from the chassis. After string is installed, stretch the tension spring and tie free end of cord to spring. Cut off excess string.


Volume Control - Maximum All Adjustments.

Allow Chassis and Signal Generator to "Heat Up" for several Minutes.

The equipment in column at right is required for aligning:

Signal Generator which will provide an accurately calibrated signal at the test frequencies as listed.

Output Indicating Meter: Non - Metallic Screwdriver.

Dummy Antennas - .1 mf., 50 mmf.

Replacement Parts List

NOTICE: There is a power rating label on the chassis. This label specifies the power supply on which the radio may be used, and identifies the radio as to chassis, dial and issue letter. When ordering parts or writing, give ALL information appearing on this label.