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Manufacturer:Radio & Television, Inc. (Brunswick)

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4 ? nun _;f'I' 5
%;? ska
(C)John F. Rider _
| '* ?"' tri. _A new
cn __ cu 5- _ M ,num _ _ nun wmq fn . _
-ggi ....._| amen - _

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Allgnlasl Procedure 6
catiwu-nay Auvuurnt is the preferable mnma. crumeeilmtt sur
the oscillograph are shawn in the schematic diagram.
Outlwtletu' Alilnnlsnt.-Il this etlwd ia used. connect the
meter :cross the voice coil, and turn tial receiver volume control to
Tel!-Oscillator.-For all alignment operations. connect the low aisle
of the test-qaeillator to the receiver chassis. and keep the output as
low as possible to avoid a-v-c action.
Calibration Scale.-The glass tuning dial ma; be eaeily removed
tram the cabinet and temporarily attached to t e chassis lor qtuclt
reterenee during alignment. ln the event that only the chassis is
returned tor service, and the cabinet with its tuning dial is left in the
cuatorner's home, the calibration scale printed in this service note can
be used in conjunction with an ordinary I2>>inch ruler aa an accurate
and convenient substitute lor the regular dial. 9
Each method is described below.
Using Tustin( Dial.-- '
1. Slide out the flat spring clamp at each end of the dial, and
remove the glass dial from the cabinet.
2. With ang in lull mesh. move the dial pointer to the relerence
marlt at the left-hand end of the dial hacking plate.
3. Place the glass dial under the pointer su that the extreme left
scale graduations coincide with the pointer. Use scotch tape to hold
the glass dial in this position.
Using Calibration Scale.-
l. With ang in full mesh. rnuve the dial pointer ta the reference
mark at the %elt>>hand~ end of the dial backing plate.
2. Place .a Hat 12-inch ruler on the dial backing plate m the left-
end oi ruler is at the reference mark at leit~end of hacking plate.
Temporarily iasten the ruler with scotch tape to the backing plate.
s. Refer to eanbmaoa mn printed in this service am. 'rms at
a reduced reproduction ot the dial with an meh-acale_drawn at top
and bottom. To fmd the correct pointer position in inches for any
desired lrequency, draw a vertical line through this frequency on the
calibration scale.
Dial-Pointer Adjustment.-Alter the chassis is replaced in cabinet.
more the dial inter (ii necessary) to that it is at the lelt-hand
[raduation on tm dial with the gang in full mesh.
Connect tha high . Adjust the (allow-
Steps aide of the TW" ""' T'l"' "dm ing for maximum'
test-uae. to- ?'?~ '?" 'llll W" pealr output
1 Turn "Treble Tone Control" (center knob) counter-cloelrwiae
lo that I-F la ln "Sharp" poaitxorn.
~ ~ ~ L16 and LIC*
lat I-P (rid, "A" Band
, ~ - >>,, 55, ~ PM L13 and Lu#
?',",?,,"," 'Fw' mo u use
Turn Treble 'hu
tion. Response on a u e co
6 humped type. Il neeeasarg, retoucn Std
slightly (ao aa not to ilistur the "Sharp"
Leave control in sharp position (ot the toll
e Control full clockwise
llvcntlenal double
IF transformer
"" 'W Qr?L} ` ue. some
*B Nc' tar .; ln
Y' ass nc. _
-, (mit uma; "ant" sane C" (di)
Ill " I1 Oli.
9 in tstsggais 90? H soo fe Rock in
ll Repeat steps I and 10.
lnetall and connect chaaala in cabinet. Tune in a radiated
12 ueelllatot signal at 1,800 ke and peak tha "A" hand trimmer
C73 (on loop). Rock ln Ll lor peak output.
' Adjust for coincidental curves maximum gain.
" Use minimum capacity peak il twg peaks can be obtained. (Check
tor correct 'peak on "C" bnnd by tuning receiver to 14.29 tnc. where
a weaker signal ahould he received.)
(C)Joh.u F. Rider

Page 3:

T, w_=<=1< Fon RcA RECORD cnmcmz RP-1521>
E \ Am sms RIDER s .wromr Ic Rsconn
I I " Rowan _ _ _ 1' "fm
Powsn pewea Moron wean.-v \'B>>.Ac>>< l
Push Button Adjuatmant ,_ __
mfg: ,mml &'?'?',fc : mam Qn the G00 to |.?50 lie push-buttons the higher frequency
s 1 | a s I 4 s , x ~ stations may be received with No. 7 or H either in or out (oscil-
0 0 : @ Q \ Q Q | 9 `_@ lator frequency either 455 kc helow or 455 kc ahovetha sta-
. . : . ' : a ? : . -giiiigsg liars frequeney). The adjustment with this core in_its out
; 1 | ? ; | 4 , | , _ position foslelillator frequency 455 kc above the statmn fre-
The station push buttons connect to separate magnetite-core quency) I. K e carna one' M?_m_'?*`?
oscillator coils and separate antenna trimmers which muiat be _ \_;>\ M; :Wei __-: ;`,q\ ,_ ~.__ _ [_
before making adjustments. """ """"?" """"""'"""" 1 I /
l th eve t th t th re e'ver i t la u ed with an external lswrarma-egouraa ~reaM.ann, i
antelnnaeuse :ne :r tw: le; lol wiie ?(a:an. antenna) to ensure '_ ` "L_ `= __; _ _:_`_i ml
sharp peaking dur-ing the final adjustment procedure. For loop \-INK Ai. "WND -'ACK 'R _
operation. the linlc should be strapped across terminals an back I ' _>> -Q-Q-_ Ei?gm awnings ==uM?g_ mg
of set. ln either case the procedure is aa follows: L, crusals n nuns -rwa :claws
l. Malte a list of th desired stations. arranged in order from "E """?"'" _ , 'K ?? ??"'*'"""'T x
low to high lrequencies. ` "
2. Turn the range selector tn "A' band, and manually tune \l `
in the first station nn the list. | \
the No. I oscillator core to receive the station. P R HG GES
4. After o _cillato 'core ia set correctly. adjust No. l an- l@l1diSE01'ted . . . . , . . . . 11, EYOBACASE I ? ? 540-1, kg
tenna trim er or aximum out ut. . 1| it
clotkwiz _di_mm_m of m_"""d mmm" mn" me Manmum . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 w. Med. Wave E I. . . 1. 55-4.0 mc
circuits to lower frequencies. RAT Sl'\0!'t "QVC C s s 5. 8'18s 0 llc
5, Adjust for each of the remaining stations in the same V" C' " 'zoo V' LOUDSP ER 94 1
6. Make s final eu-eful adyuszmem af th ?-eillauu :ana Sp BAND _ ug' 34_g_86 me V_c_ ]mP_ __7_2 O at 400 c_
and antenna trimmers. 11?-i"'

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