Radio & Television, Inc. 280 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Radio & Television, Inc. (Brunswick)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

MODELS 280 282 285 285 1
n R 15213 can ->> 0' Q, ~ ~ ::"' oe
ru.-101.-s REQUENCY mucus PHONOGRAPH (RP-152-D _ '
Ill 01' ..-H...-.-....... 12 in. ?|-0|_a?n5{ "IW _______ ?40_1,56 c 5 __________________ "tom 1? I,
?i=? ??i1 UP- 400 ?~ 2-2 ohm ls . mm " 1.4-4. Re o cap. .. 10-in. ar 1 12-in. _ ;
Palma ourm was - ->> *R
i UH'{>>'%'oHH .5 w. Pam surn. mrnms ieku cf-yu ~
I. Rider

Page 2:

uavaua nu?a_nns-ou neausnq vans sean-v vorro anna wanna uulnu
"U U $l I vol! $M JI! ISM HT! 19M \6M
sncm BRAND
Ls me t (C)\ uarc mam
no Kc ?lzorjg mm Juan ass KC
Callirahou Scale The glen tumng dual may be eanly re
moved from the cabinet and temporarrly attached to the chaana
for qurek reference dunng alrgnmern Or rf necenary the nal;
yunctron wrtlm en ordmary I2 meh ruler a| an accurate and con
vament aubahtute for the regular dxal
Each method n deacnbed below
I Slrde out the Hat apnng clamp at each end of the dxal
and remove the glau dral from the cabmet
Z \V|th gang rn full muh move the dral pomler ta the ref
erenee mark ar che lefi lrand and of the dnl baekmg plata
3 Pine che glan dnl under :lm peraur ao dns che axueaue
left aeale graduauorn cmnerde wah the pquner Un notch
tape to held che glan dnl m :hu ponmon
rn cabmet takmg care that the ibre lrglmt ahxeldl are rn correct
I V/nh gang rn full muh move cha dnl pomcer no the ref
erence mark at the left hand end of the dual bankmg plate
2 Place a Har I2 mah ruler on the dnl banlnag plate so the
lah end of ruler n at the reler-eau mark ak left end of backmg
place Tempuranly fauen the ruler wah womb tape no the
3 Ref" 1? ulrbrazrorr aeale pruned rn rhn peruse aan
Thu u a reproduction of the dnl vmh an meh acale drawa at
top and bottom To fund the correct pomter poallxon ln lleliax
for any deured frequency drew a vertmeal luxe tlhroufli Hua
frequency on the ealrbrahoa acale For example I 599 Ire ra
approxxmately 4 mclxea fran the reference mark
DialPom!er Adqnlbtlt. After the shaun 1| replaced m
eahmaz move :he dnl pomrer (rf mcaaaary) ae that ro. n ar :he
left hand graduahon on the dual vutlx kia (ang m fall muh
Antenna tarlmnal, m
rem: vnth 300 ohms
"C" bald
I bead
Antenna ldrannal, ra
wrlu with 200 lnlllll.
L5 loci m
Use nunmmm capacrty peak nf two peak l> bt d Ch k Q d 5 lr
by mm, r=?..m to I4 29 me where . weaker.a;:::l fhfrrxfzi f.=..v2l| ? ??""`"'? ' " ' ? ??"??' 'ml' h" l""' "'?'l
Nan Orullamr ?ra?k~ above cxgnal on all bands
oar \ 1 1
Qilolm l'. Rider

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