Radio Wire Television 1-427 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Radio Wire Television (Lafayette Radio)

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? John F. Rid8I'
1 02 I HIS
'e' SV4 IT4 |U5 IRS ~-'
T0 H7 VOLTS |0 WAYTS of the signal generator to a l turn loop ?
4?-'O CVC'-? _ 4, 15.n. gmgn. L ?>>" 51 5"'T?" coupled re :ne loop antenna. Connect :ne U
I-U OR D-G- |. ON VOL- CONT xcnsxae of :ne signal. gene:-acer rm-ougn ,__
. a l/lOmfd. condenser to receiver chassis. 0
Adjust the signal generator to 455 kilo-
'?'"" I bam; moo ' 'A' nw, cycles and adjust been 1. F. cransrormrs 5
- \ 1 UNI - wmv- + for maximum signal. Open the receiver __
I variable condenser for minimum capacity. 3
$E*E"""' "?""" "???' I , ,,, ,ous _Lv sen =15n?1 genernnr nu :woo x11o?y?1e=. O m
, Peak oscillator section of receiver con>> U _
L denser for maximum signal. Next set sig- U]
nal generator at 1500 kilccycles. Tune F' "
ln mms signal. adjust R. P. seczxnn of H `
I 'I' IAYT. receiver variable condenser for maximum |
_ '?"'? =1gna1 snrengnn. Keep rnn signal genera- N
||||||]||||| I :or urpuc as law na passnue when making 5 O
all these measurements. `1 |

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