Radio Wire Television 1-819 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Radio Wire Television (Lafayette Radio)

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MODEL 1 -819
r Model 1-819
rn. |..?~y.m Model 1-an la on AM-FM fsuanf. 'rms ?"*l?'~ Sl\?"|d '\?'i=~~|>l? Nm |>> 4????*?4 *Mn ?P?f?*if'? ?'\
receiver may 5. operaigd N. 'Bihar AC W DC_ 105.115 vom, AC (Alrernaring Currenll, reverse ihe line cord plug in ihe
50-?0 cydes. power ourlei.
FM .... 0| fe 100 Mc. Servicing of Ohe Lafayette Madel I-819
Should your Lofuyeiie Model l-819 become ineperoelve for
Allfllllsi Cl|lll?|i0l|: any reoson,we suggest you coniocl your leccl Lufoyelre Rodlo
YW' |~?f?Y*"? V519 l' ? "'"""!? "??"'?'- l' ii ??UiPP?4 and Television Dealer ior servicing. The following informaiion
wish builf-in AM and FM eniennae so #hai in primary lisfening ;| sq sh, U" by gh, "dh, ,,,.,,;"m."_
UN" I" whirl' l"*?M\l il H09 '\??US"fY~ WHEN LISTENING Alignrneni el #lie receiver will, in mos! cases, be unnecessary
T0 PM lY USMS THE |U"~T'|N ANTENNA. KEEP THE unless an RF or IF iransformer is replaced or rhe adiusfmenf has
El-Ecmlc UNE CORD EXTENDED T0 |15 FULL LENGTH been Oampered wifh. The IF slugs are slorled for a small sin
For weel or dislani sfafions fhere are provisions mede in fiber screwdriver. Do noi pui excessive pressure on lhe aligning
i lhe rear for anfenna conneclions. A Qerminal slrip wiih No fool or fhe lhreads in The coil-form will be sfripped and
screw connecrions for fha lead-in wires from lhe PM en?enna_ adiuslmenis will be impossible.
also a vrire coming our #he bacl of fha receiver for an exiernal |F Angnmamz
AM '"'?""?' Ser bendswilch lo AM posifion. Connecr Ohe signal gener-
When using #he built-in anfenna on FM, ihe lug coming alor, modulared ai 400 cycles, ihrough a 0.01 Mid condenser
ouf between One No screw connecfions on ihe hrminal sfrrp ro the grid of she 1ZAT7 converier Yuba. Conneci #he low
in rhe rear, rnusf be conneded Oo ilre screw conneclion rnarlred side of ihe generator through a 0.1 Mld condenser so #he
"ANT." When using an exfernel FM anlenna disconned lhis receiver chassis. Adiusl #he signal generalor Oo 455 KC. Tune
wire and conneci exiernal enfenna lead-in vires lo fha No primery and secondary slugs oiT1 8 T5, AM-lF Transformers.
screw connecfions. for maximum ourpui.
9050! s?|??NI'2 For FM elignmenf se? bendswiich Oo FM posiiion and leave
The knob on fhe elireme righr hand side of ihe cabinel genereior connecied io flue grid ei #he 12AT7 converler tube.
operafes Ohe inning condenser on bofh AM and FM and simul- Adiusi generaior io 10.7 MC. Conneci 20,000 ohm per vol! or
Qeneously moves ihe indicaling poinier. Ease and accuracy in VTVM mefer as in nore "1" oi schemaric diagram. Tune pri-
funing is made possible due io a redudion drive. mary of Tl, boiiom slug. and lsoih primary and secondary oi
T1 lr T4 lor maximum indicaiion on mehr. To align secondary
."" s"l"'" _ of Relic Defecfor Transformer connecf mefer as in noie "2"
Tl* "??"d l"'?b "?'" ll" 'lqm l' ll" AM'FM b?"d ""l?l" of schemaiic diagram. Tune #op slug rhrough posiiive and
This is a hro posiiion !\'Il9Cl\~ V'/00" 70? 5"'"?l' if in ll" ??'"""' negaiive indicalion and lhen slowly refurn uniil mehr reeds
clockwise posilion, AM (5iendard lroadcasfl sfaiions may be "rm "M ig in ,M "Mu ?? ,hs 3-sw cunt
Quned in. When #he swiich is in ihe clockwise posilion, FM
[Frequency Modulafionl srelions may be luned in. IF A"?""'?'"i
Ser bandswiich Oo AM posilion. Conned signal generelor,
V0|l|lll? C?|\fl?| 001| 'NYE' 5\'i|?|\7 modulaied at 400 cycles, fo exrernal anfenna lead and Oo
Tl* Thi"-1 *Mb 'mm fl" "l9l'7 if fl" "?l"'"? ??""?l md ground lhrough a 0.1 Mfd condenser and ediushio 1700 KC.
power swifch. When lhe conirel is in #he exireme counierclocl- 5" dm Pain," ,o |700 KC and hm' sign' yu mnymum
?l??\"i5* "?l*"?" *il l""' ll" P?"'?' "ON-" FY l""'l'?' '?"' and fune in #his signal on fha receiver. Then adiusl RF irimmer
y lion in ihis direciion volume may be increased io any degree 'M muimum wyput
"Mn 70? Ml WTP", ?' 90' '???l'?' 5* ?b"i"?d~ Se! lsendswiich to FM posifion. Conneci in series with each
Tone swmh: generaier lead a carbon 150 ohm rasisfor and connecf'|o rear
.nu youd* hob 'mm ,ha HSM E; nn 'on' "Hgh Fo' Mmm' anlenna lermrnal board. Adplsi generalor`and dial pornier lo
operefion fha ssriich should he clockwise. For increased best wa Mc' Pull ?""hl?' mmm" '?' m"""'f'" "?"l ?'"P""
I Nm "mth NM cwnhrcbddu' Next sef generalor fo 105 MC and Dune in fhis signal on
receiver. Then peel RF Orimmerr for maximum ourpul. Ne ad-
N??|; iusfrneni is necessary ai lhe low and because a special com-
Sinca this receiver has a loop-#er-na on AM which has a pensahd fixed padder is used, Sei #lie generafor lo ?4 MC
diredional eiecf, if may be necessary'ai limes 'Oo #urn ihe and Nne fha FM enfenna coil for maximum.
receiver for best recepiion. This ser wil operafe properly only ln all the IF and RF adiusimenis ii is imporlani ro leep fha
affer lhe Oubes are suiiicienbly heaied. This may Vale Owe signal generaior ouipui as low as possible. ll is axfremely
minufes affer the power swiich is Ourned "ON." lf ihe receiver necessary in making iha RF adiusirnenh, fha! ihe lundamenial
is being operated on DC (Dired Currenil and no signals are oscillaior signal be luned in and noi Ohe image frequency. This
heard affer he minuies, reverse lha line cord plug in lhe power can be checlied by rhe use of a calibreied waverneler.
? John F. Rider

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MODEL 1 819
? John F. Rider
' - T4- Q , ' Inf ? . _
one ms: mmm.
3.12: QW; MODEL I-819 ,

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