Radio Wire Television 1E-629 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Radio Wire Television (Lafayette Radio)

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_RAD|Q w| PAGE _
MODEL Lil-629
Output meter connection." .....,..___.____ ,.,,, __,,__,_.____._.. ,......_. _ .,.., , _ , ....,..... Across voice coil
Output meter reading to indicate % watt .... ............... 1 .ZSV for 3.2 Ohm voice coil
Connection of generator ground ,...
Position of volume control ........
Position of tone control.. .,............. .
Receiver chassis
,_ .,.. Approximately 50% @ 400 cycles
Fully clockwise
High position
wus or out GEN. GEN. ouwmv TIIMMEIS Am. 'rmmeu
|ANo sw. romrsn Faso. corm. Am. IN owen snow func;
B. C. 540 kc 455 kc 7H7 Grid .I mld T_9-T7-T8-Tb-T5 I. F.
|500 kc |500 Irc * noio T4-TI Osc. - Ant
600 kc 600 kc * note T3-Roclr Var. Osc. - Podder
AII Wave
I I6 mc I6 mc Ani. Posl RMA Standard T|0 Anf.
wave 4I|0 Dual Dain!!!
Locmon Part No. Duuleflon ann |(,.?b_ ~?|nm|
, nm cam - buck FU 11?? wry. '/1 H+*
u mas cfm soap R1 47 nw"-. /1 ~m
L0 was cms, sc me .nn .eau N7 1.1 ~\>>v<=h-._//1 -M
| ?|| ?a,,d,,,,,,' 0| ,,,?d_ W ,om Ins coo mm I 'nm -vu -sum
r|_1|o_ rn Ins cm.:mu_ :gmmui M umm (3) TUBES
I M 1470 Cm-wml, volump 5 mn ohm _ |__4yg |..;X? |4S[1
fins rcccivcr is designed for opera- doubt. as to the vis) UlgEt3;\ hxgufoz
only. IOS-125 volts, S0-60 cycles. If in local Power Company.

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