Radio Wire Television BP-12 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Radio Wire Television (Lafayette Radio)

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RA 9 ? ; IRE PA 5
Ui 3* 3 iii
/" 'I U Eff
(C)John F. Rider

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This receiver will operate either from
from the regular Electric mains (AC or DC) on voltages from 105 to 125 A
eel* contained antenna is built in and will give good performance from stations
not too remote where signal strength
distances is required, Antenna (A) and Ground (G) terminals are provided These
are located on the rear of the case An antenna from 50 to 100 feet long may
be used
B TTERIES The following batteries are required where no electric power is
Q olt " " USALITE #687, BURGESS #65, GENERAL #5-H-5 or equivalent
you " " USALITE #624 BURGESS #1350, GENERAL #V-ao B, EVEREADY #vez
ADVANCE #267 or equivalent
T0 INSTALL BATTERIES ACCSSS to the battery compartment may be had by openi
the bottom flap on the back of the cabinet Insert the "B" batteries on each
side, slide the "A" into place, then screw the wood block to the bottom to
hold batteries (See diagram)
with the ELEC BATT switch on the front panel in the BATT position, the receiver
is now ready for operation as a portable unit when prolonged operation in the
"ELECTRIC position is contemplated (as during the winter season), it is advis
able to remove the batteries and store them in a cool, dry place D0 NOT
leave exhausted batteries in the carrying case as chemical action may expand
the batteries and make lt difficult to remove them
WAVE BAND The range covered is as follows
175 555 METERS (1720 540 KC)
After the batteries have been installed
in accordance with the instructions given
above, set the slide switch on the front
of the cabinet to the right
Open the small door on the rear of the
cabinet providing access to the power
cord which can be plugged into any
Outlet (105 to 185 Volts AC OI' DC )
Slide the switch on the front of the
cabinet to the left.
The receiver may now be operated by turning the LEFT hand knob to the right,
(Clockwise) The Volume is turned up and the station tuned in (Right hand
knob) By rotating the cabinet slowly (when the self contained loop 1s used)
maximum signal with minimum noise may be obtained The direction effect is
lost when a large antenna is used, but in this case, ample signal is obtained
to be heard above the noise level The volume is adjusted for the desired level
NOTE when this set is to be operated from the ll5 125 Volt DC line and no
signal can be tuned in with the power switch in the "ELECTRIC"`posit1on, reverse
the plug in the light socket one-half turn when operating on AC, a slight
hum may be heard on some stations. Reversing the line plug one half turn in
the socket will alleviate this condition.
(C)John F. Rider ' `

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