Radio Wire Television CC25 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Radio Wire Television (Lafayette Radio)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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o John F. Rider

Page 2:

_Ugsm E ga U Q3 Em Egg W4 _Em
T< WE E 253 $5 32500 JEWB 3 mregg "O was __;E:oU__ M S
EEEEM mga w WEN UEBEM ou Ewa NCEED & gm H|< 23 UQQEEO E
'MS ENE H6553 gQd__W|Hm>O EN 2 gg; ?533 EU 'S V62 2; EO
_gag 2 amid QE :Saga 'MOH :Snag
ugh N _Ugg l;3(R)Om_M OE wguggu Egg" g _EOBEW Ugwmg HO gg
E xo; EM Q95 EU Em mggugm Migmrgg 3 gag Sw gn EE 3
m3O(R)wMU?>Um mn QE 5 _gg Qt _S Wag mga 8 mgwim _Ewa GM E202
SUD Am; Eu _S EES" _Eg Swim gpg _Eggs M EBM _HS Q V _s S
Egg 05 KOHH4 gi; :NS (R)O;m>vm ga :O Haig mE3O>,'Hm3& EP Eg
M333 WEEE we w(R)um_MgO n_O__? ggglgmg 2; I H9555 wing wg _N
_eazgv wg 5 wig $25028 Ewt mg S ?35 ? $333
Ugggo gp HO unch _WE :O Bog H223 OE meg 9529
_${H__om $50 QW EPC 5 wuggo on wunggum EOE "_amp_ S33
gg; _UG is 2 _>mN_m|N__; _S =3p_W_;g _SH Uggdmg 3 H0332 WEE
lg ggm mi HO mg; gg UN Egg ggmgng EEO ig; _gc $8 5
_INEUEE E Dog M $22 W wgxg 2; _ggg wo mga ga gag Mo
?253 QEQE H3 Ugogolr 2 gg E505 _GE ESE 9;
_MSQE Dang 2; :O USROB5 nm QEMSO EECSE 'SM '$_??_P $5 uma?
_MHWQWE Eu ?_N(R)Eg:__ UUQO3 3 '_;__E:5 SES _E _"MJ Bags Q;
_S HHS 32; wi _EES gag UEQBEOO 'EEE @2550 mg E UESQE
mag _EH
__HSm'Hg(R)m _E?E E05 gag EECHZ 3
35 gg: gg E Egg mggsumzgw :vm OHSUUOVE "E wzm Eu gig
(C)John F. Rider

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