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Manufacturer:Radio Wire Television (Lafayette Radio)

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?John F. Rider
The following alignment procedure is 'for use only by competent service
men having the proper equipment. Re~alignment is very seldom needed and
is usually only required after some major part has been replaced because of
damage to the receiver,
The equipment required for re-aligning this receiver is an output meter DESC" ON
and a modulated source of radio frequency (a signal generator og microvolter). This receiver is an 8 tube alternating current operated superheterodyne.
This source of radio frequency must be accurately calibrated in requency and The tubes used are 8 6A7 as oscillator modulator a 6D _ _
must have H method ?f Varymg the Output' a 61-IGG as A.V.Q. and audio rectifier, a 6Y7G as audid voltage amphfaiexiiiaxilzl
All alignments must be made with the volume cont ol turned full on and as 3 POW" f9Ct1f1EURf>> H 35 15'-ll'\-1113 ind-1C3t0!` and WV0 WPS GVSG tubes as P"5h
with the signal input from the generator reduced to as low a value as possible Pull a"d10 P0Wel` HIHP11f1@l'S~
while still giving a sufficient output to be easily read on the output meter. ' - receiver is made to cover 3 tuning bands, the standard broadcast band
which ranges from 1680 K.C. to 535 K.C., the middle or police band which has
Connect the output meter, ugh a .5 M.F. condenser and a resistance 5 f1'e'1"e{1CY_fa1'1E@ Of f1"0m 5-4 MC- ?0 1-7 M-C~ and high fl`@<1\l@H?Y 01 f0I`@iEn
of such a value as to make the total meter resistance approximately 10,000 ohms, band Whlflh IS fl'0m 19 M.C. t0 510 M.C.
to the two small pins ofthe speaker plug. The output meter remains connected
during the entire alignment procedure.
Connect the signal generator to the grid cap of the 6A7 tube through a
.1 MF. condenser. Connect the ground of the generator to the ground lead
of the receiver. With the wave switch on broadcast position and the dial
set to about 1000 K.C., feed in a 456 K.C. signal. Adjust the trimmers on top PARTS T
of the first and second I.F. transformers until the maximum output is obtained. part N,,_ Desmpti ,I
This aligns the i.F.
Leaving the signal generator connected to the grid cap of the 6A7, tum . 69407 Wa';ngSW;?Z e on enser
the wave swit h to the right hand (short wave) position. Set the dial and the 10 175 1 t IF T f """"""'"""""""""' """' """"'
signal generator to 15.0 M.C. Tune in the signal by adjusting the 15,0 M.C. oscil- ` 5 ' ' 'mls orm" ~-~~-~-~~--~----~-~~------~~~>>>>>> >>>>-~--<
lator t ` er. The signal will he heard at two different settings of the trimmer. 10476 Znd LF- T?'aTl5f0l'mEUR!' ------------------_---... i..i._ _ .... .
The proper setting is the one where the signal is heard when the trimmer is 10433 S.W. Antenna Coil _____________ ____________________ v________
:xhe loosest. Also when 'the dial of the receiver is tumed the signal will be 10-134 S,W_ Qsgillator C051 ____________________ __
' eard again at about 14.0 M.C. If the si l is heard at about 16.0 M.C. on the 1048 >> A A `AAA"` 'A
dial instead of 14.0 M.C. the wrong setting has been used and should be 10 18; """""""""" """" '
Set the wave switch on broadcast position and tum the dial to the ex- 10479 Bf;c;nT;P:;e1;;;r;;i1
treme high frequency end. Feed a 1680 K.C. signal to the receiver antenna 80429 P ' T' f 1 """""""""" ""'
post through a .00025 MF. mica condenser. Adjust the 1680 K.C. broadcast Ower 'ans Orme' ( 15 50'60 cycle)-~
oscillator trimmer for m ' um output. Set the generator to 1500 K.C. and 18301 12 MFADA Wet EISCUOIYUC Cmldenser .....
tune in this signal on the receiver. Then adjust the 1500 K.C. broadcast antenna 18-202 10 M.F,D. Wet Electr lytic Condenser
trimmer and the 1500 K.C.broadcast preselector ' er for maximum output. 24-113 Volume Cont,-01 ______________A4_______________ __ ;
Set the generator to 600 K.C. and adjust the 600 K.C. broadcast oscillator pad 26410 Tone Cum 01 with Switch "`A` " U
to maximum output while tuning the receiver back and forth across the signal 20 100 B C O _H _ """""""' """"""" '6
from the generatorl This completes the ali ent of the broadcast band. 20'101 3 'G' S?1I_?"?r Paddmg c?"de"$e" <<~~~<~-~<--
The police band is aligned by feeding a 4.0 M.C. signal tn the receiver 79_231 6 inch? ake ?
antenna lead through the .00025 condenser. Turn the wave switch to the center 79 224 12 , h y , pe r """""""""""' """" i" g m
position and tune the receiver to this signal. Adjust the 4.0 M.C. police antenna ' me Dy"am'? Speaker ------<~-~>>-~---------~---~ |71
trimmer for best output. $1 U1 'U
The short wave band is aligned in the same way using a 15 M.C. signal bo U '
and adjusting the 15 M.C. short wave antenna trimmer after having turned " \<? '

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PA E 20-2 RADIO WlR? _ __ __ .
MODELS 1250,
ill _?.P.?. JEL C' .?L'i as
_ _ ` _ H ___ Wei
(C)J'ohn F. Rider

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