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a. For improved squelch action and greater sensitivity control on early mode is change R-21 to 10,000 ohms and R-20 to 6800 ohms 1/2 watt. (MI- 13154-10 receivers incorporate the above.)
b. In actual operation set the squelch control full on (counter-clockwise) and then reduce sensitivity

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Control (counter -clockwise l until noise level drops to an acceptable point. This adjustment should be accomplished with the receiver not tuned to any station.
c. For improved TUNING EYE operation move yellow lead from juncture of R - I and pin A of T-6 to to pin 5 of tube V8.

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The MI - 13154 radio features a circuit design utilizing over coupled i.f. transformers. Certain alignment procedures must be followed to insure proper adjustment of the rf, and i.f. stages.


1. Full mesh on gang condenser.
2. V.T.V.M. connected at juncture of R-27 and R-28.
3. Connect signal generator in series with.02 mfd. condenser to pin io of V - 6. Set generator at 455 K.c.
4. Tune T-9 of top and bottom for maximum signal on V.T.V.M.
5. Move signal generator connection to pin 4 of V - 5.
6. Now shunt terminals B and D (top of T8) with a 3900 ohm watt resistor and tune the primary (bottom slug) of T8. Remove 3900 ohm resistor.
7. Now shunt terminals F and G (bottom of T8 and tune the secondary Itop slug) of T8. Remove 3900 ohm resistor.
8. Follow the same procedure for T - 7.
9. Move signal generator to pin 4 of V-4 and follow same procedure for T-6 and T-5.
10. Move signal generator to pin 8 of V-3 and tune for maximum signal on V.T.V.M.

Connect signal generator in series with 500 mmf d. condenser to pin to of plug P- and then follow procedures oscillator through 5.

1. Turn Oscillator L-1 oscillator to 535 k.c. (Condenser fuil mesh.)
2. Move condenser full out and tune C-30 to oscillator 1600 K.c.
3. Return condenser to 550 K.C. and tune C-1, T-1, T-2, and T-3 to for maximum.
4. Move condenser to 1400 K.C. and tune C-3A, C-38, and C-30 for maximum.
5. Return condenser to 535 K.c, and retune L - 1.

This completes alignment. Check receiver on local signal with 70' antenna. Normal receiver should develop 18-20 volts on V.T.V.M.

MI - 13154

Tube and Parts Location

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The M - 13154 Radio Receiver is primarily designed for operation under adverse operating conditions and varying signal levels such as encountered in train radio operation, Excellent sensitivity and improved automatic volume control are featured plus peak noise squelch control.

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Train Radio Receiver

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