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Manufacturer:R.C.A. Victor Co., Inc.

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MODEL RCA - 100, 101 Alignment, Speaker Schematic, Voltage


Voltago Rating... 105 - 125 Volts
Frequency Rating... 25 - 60 or 50 - 60 Cycles
Power Consumption... 40 Watts
Number and Types of Radiotrons 1 RCA - 6A7, 1 RCA - 6F7, 1 RCA - 38, 1 RCA - 1-V
Undistorted Output... 1.6 Watts
Frequency Range... 540 - 1500 K. C. and 1600 - 3500 K. C.
This receiver is a four-tube superheterodyne incorporating features such as wide tuning range, electro-dynamic loudspeaker, two-point tone control, illuminated dial and the inherent sensitivity, selectivity and tone quality of the super heterodyne.

Figure C - Loudspeaker Wiring
The following description of the circuit describes several new design features which are incorporated in this receiver.
The first tube is a combined first detector and oscillator using Radiotron RCA - 6A7. Separate tuned circuits are provided for each function. The detector coil is tapped so that

The tuning range may be extended merely by shorting out a portion of the coil. The oscillator circuit is not tapped, the high frequency range being obtained by use of its second harmonic instead of the fundamental for obtaining the I. F. frequency.
The next tube is a combined I. F. stage and second detector using Radiotron RCA - 6F7. It has two sets of elements, one being used as a screen grid I. F. amplifier and one as a triode detector. The I. F. frequency in this receiver is 460 K.C. The output stage is a single Pentode RCA - 38.
The rectifier is an RCA - 1-V used in a half wave rectifying circuit. A feature of this circuit is that only one transformer secondary is used. This is accomplished by having a cathode type rectifier, a series arrangement of filaments and a tapped secondary winding.
Figure A shows the schematic circuit, Figure B the wiring diagram and Figure C the loudspeaker wiring.

Line - Up Adjustments
The detector and oscillator line-up trimmer capacitors are adjusted by setting both the dial and an external oscillator first at 1400 K. C. and adjusting the tuning capacitor trimmer capacitors for maximum output, then changing the oscillator frequency and dial setting to 600 K. C. and adjusting the sub mounted trimmer capacitor for maximum output. The I. F. adjustments are made by adjusting the two trimmer capacitors located on the first L. F. transformer for maximum output when a 460 K. C. signal is connected between the control grid of the first detector and ground. Be sure and set the station selector at a point where no signal is being received when making I. F. adjustments.

Figure A - - Schematic Circuit Diagram

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MODEL RCA - 100, 101 Chassis wiring, Parts List

Figure B - Wiring Diagram


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