Regal Electronics Corp. 1107 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Regal Electronics Corp.

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Page 1:

PACE 1% RE?'?L
Denotes CMass\s Gnouno
(C)John F. Rider
f:LL;_::;;f1 2:1 Thc'Modcl 1107 ls a 4 tube, 1 Baud superfhetcroclyne with a built in Rcgaloop Antenna, The
/ff' `\\ tunnmg range of the Broadcast frequency is 540 to 1650 kilocydcs or 560 to 182 meters. Thi
'="=";;ii`>" '"""""' rccex cr operates on 105/125 volts, 50>>6O cycles alternaciu current or on 105425 volt dire

Page 2:

Regal 1107, 7254
R65 54B6' F9589UE Models 7254 and the revised 1107 are 21 1166691 Arm-pickup (less emridge)
This niodel is similar to Model 54131, 2nd the same as 11/101161 1107 which 1111116111-E 611 1152350 Mow, mem1,1y, 1m_,,?hY
Production, which appears on change: pages on page 1.9-8 aj Ridcfs Manual Valllmc 50-cycle (Allienoe)
C1819 and C1379 01' Rad:/.r Manual Volume XIX with the following ehsnges: 70 1157902 SPi"d1? "'?"\l7lY
XVIII, and on pager I5-22 thraugh 15-24 ~ 1 70 1157934 spindle shaft and lssse
of Ridefs Manual Volume XV, with the A;?u:;L1;???'(?-llzgbifig been changed to HSWWHY
exception of the parts listed below: _ ' _ ` 7| 357940 R?C?"`1 Pllih"
p.,, Ganged vnrlsble o=lpa<:ltors 40-101 have 73 R57903 Pusher spring
NU- Dmrio/iw been changed to 40-101G 76 1157051 Tunmlele bearinf
75" F'?'3"?2?5??l.?>'"f???"?"?""??"' ""?'"? The value of the l3,0oo>>el1m teslslel- fell- 91 M7768 sP"i"ll'P"5l"" =h>>=f?
73282 l.oi>>l;21:;;;r|la1oo1> complele with semesters as 55155 S is e 'gm e lI;?"";';;;" h""'"b?" 33 ?lT';"?l' 88 "ml ""'"'
73290 Pills- bldrills PIM iw mvumins hinge on The 200 000-ohm resistor 65-142 has been
liichrome ' ' ~ The 456.211-5 Record Chan er is basical-
;;?f,:gy?"' ;"'?' "f?""""" '?'"" 1 "" fggiii asosmo?qoo 0 mi and is dos ti1;>6;iHIl?_as the 1;J1.211g, except that
g;i??;l;'c:cl'w?c;li;;l:??F)r;n The 0.01-/Lf capacitor connected to the A se;b1y` 1EUR66?;;T":;i l;are$?;;;n Egglgi
73288 Llnk,h|ndl?li1?k. ? lem ?f_30'12"l has been Chmged f? 0-006 assembly, turntable and hinge body as-
" and 'S des'g"'m"d "S 50'101~ sembly The syntronic pickup nrm and
RCA 7520 gndpl-od" C1,_ 135.19533 Resistor 20-101 is now 20-103, the value gmuud?d Syntronic cartridge replace the
This mellel is the same as 75zU, Ch. RC- femeills *hs Same- eld style elssne erm. i
1(\(,3Ay which appears on pagex 19.45 and Capacitor 53-103 is now 55-103, the wllllo
19-46 of Riderlv Manual Volume XIX, ex- IUHHIDS f 6 Same-
cept fe- the following Changes: The 25-ohm, %-welt resistor, 65-101 lies Sears 8005. Ch. 132.839-1
Digs,-em 1_f 11-3,-mfg,-H161-5 are 11se(1_ as been changed to 22 ohms, % watt, and This chassis is similar to Chassis 132339
shown1"11qe,_CC0mpany1ngC11ag1-am_ Resgswr is designated as 05-160. which appears on par/es 17-8 through 17-10
R15 lies lleen added to the estllede eifellas T he two 501-f capacitors. 60-106. have brrn U! Ride* lllwlal Volume XVl1>>_eX?ev(R)
of the IZSK7 a-f smpllflel-, and R14, an the changed to 40 nf and are fiehlmhloi as f?f the fvllvwms Chenzes The fllamevt
diode circuit of llle~l2sQ7 Znd lleteslel-, 611-108. _ UDHHHGLIODS have bm fel/med 021 'he
lies been deleted. Cllllllges lllsl apply le bells The 2.200-elim rsslsfvf. 65-132. has been 50145 *Ubff S??kEUR? 1? Prevent bumms ?f
llle Rli-loosex sell RC-loess chassis are changed to 2,200 Ohms :md is flcsienllvetl resistor R11 and dams? W the ?L\\>@~ R12.
eat-en in me notice for 75ZU, RC- as 65-162. " 1>>2?0'?h"'- "WW '??'S*?' h" been "d"
loessllel appezlrsonl'll> h _
Us AMp,_|F|ER pages RCD, 011.186 through RCD. CH. Rf! ?P';"f2"g ? ""g"'
16'-9 uf Riders Manual Volume XVIII, No' N0 Description
0 Q with the following exceptions. Chassis R12 Resistor 1,200 ohms 1 W
0 /'V\@ 10112061 has a revised pickup-arm hub T3 N21921 T]_anSf0;me[_ Output'
_V "Mc "V r us" which permits rnanual movernent_of the Spk N21922 Speaker 40" p_m_
_u y , "AM 0 6 W |,,MNs_ pickup arin wlhgle the changer ls lu auto- '
F ~- -|---1 -_ -V-~ rnetlc cyc e, e cam seat for the pickup
i? cm _ A A :za 'E arm permits return of the arm to the cor- seal? Bzlnf qh'_10l'820'lA
I ne - - ,R . 1-ect 05111011 after manum 1 ai This chassis ls similar to Chassis 101.820
le 1, L, L_ L, ,I without readjustment of the 10" or 12" 'Vhwh Hnpeqrs on Pages 17-4, 17-5, and
;_ jg- gl ~=>> \=~ , drop points, This chassis incorporates e 1745 "Y R"i?7'" Mamie! Vvlume XVII.
Il' Vg; l "Mm1"a1_Au10matic~ Switch essept iorlthefchanges ln thc parts list.
__ _n Chassis 1012052 is the Same as the e parts lst or this chassis is the same
m "N 'I /in e 101_206_1 except that it does not have the as thot for the 101820 except for the
UF #Irion "Manual-Automatic" switch. Chassis l01.- following ?l""~"ge55
"' 206-3 is the same as the 101.206-2 except Re/ Pa"
ul?slfl$,f{ thatbthg fphonlrpickup lead has cotton No' N0 Deswiplion
_ over rai or insulation from the chassis. ` ` ' '
Cllzmgcs for RC/l 75ZU, RC>>I063I3. R10 R62705 Control, Ol'l>>O1`f & volume
Sears 66855, Ch. 139.151-1 R15 Resistor, 680 ohms. % w
` . , This chassis is similar to Chassis 139.151 R14 Rf*Si5L0\". 520 Ol1mS. % \\'
'lllc replacement parts list ls thesame as which appears on page 174 of Ridgfs T3 R52721 Transformer' output
that for RC-1063A except for the differences Manual Volume X1/11, "cept 1115; M1 R62717 Speaker. 51A" p-rn
Qjfd \'?'<>"= "ON-OFF" switch is used in the line eel-el. R63190 Cone. voice Coil
ND, De,,,;p,;,,, The parts list for this chassis is the same R57272 PNK- 1 WOXUZ.
rulzs Transformer, first 1-f transformer, snmped as that for the 139151 except for the f,,1_
-me r>>2risi?f?>>?l,1s?gf=ll2l'iliSili?gllgsisnmpea lowing change: Sem 9073H- Ch- 135-244: 907313. Ch.
llsslsrer, and someeslnen, 120 elm-s, i _ _
10% _ go, Na. Desmptmn These models are similar to Model 9073,
J20667 Line cord, switch and plug. Ch. 135.244, which appears on pages 20-70
RCA 77vz, ch. nc-sosc sears 101.211-4 ;';??"?1';o??j?0?? AR;Z;'";0}?1?"?;' ff?*;;7;{
Thismodelappearsnn page.rI9-Zythvaugh This model appears in the Record ` , _ C
_ , . , , _ speed manual record player, part no. F-7625
I9-53 of Rule/.t Manual Volume XIX, The Lhrmger Section of Rulers Manual Vol. and the number E296 Cabinet
top~view diagram ofthe chassis layout that ume XIX on pages RCD. CH. 19-1 Chassis 135 2444 is the sine as 135 244
appears on page I9-52 illustrates tube V5 as through 19-14. Chassis 101.211-4 is basically except that 3' protedive resistor R12 'has
6K6GT, Tube V5 should bea6V6GT. the same as the 101.211-1; llewever, the been add dt th 1.6 _ .1 'f '. 8
101.211-4 incorporates a revised spindle ass - e -O e rec' er Circm' rom Pm
R d- W- IS 158 sembly tumtable and hinge body sssemblv io the imma" of C18 and Cm'
M;d,s| Jgigg 15 we same 11, 11/1OC|e1 jg, The change ill parts list is ns follows: U" changem P=ffS""S'S=1Sf?11?wS>>
174 which ayppears on page 19-17 of Ridefs L,,?,,?1,,,1 PM ?5?>> mf D,,,,;,,,,,,,
Momlal Vo ume XIX_ Number Number Despfipmm mi F_ ' _
s R579-as Tumtelsle assembly 1732; ;??"i?2_?;4'fi"?%5l/'d"' 3%
Radio Wire IS~175 12 349953 Hinge Pin ' ?" P ?""' ` -'jf ? ?"
Model JS-175 is the same ss Models 14 357945 Hinge My membly i?"'i?bi?l=e1'"?ld 13'-?`?l>>i?i="Z'i
Js-113, Js1s4, and Jslsa which appear 15 Rfvvw Adi-hinlz wer/A _ 11,626 ,_;,';";:,1,,,
ylxpage 19-16 oy' Ride7's Manual Volume 30 1155101 (g"?:?;';?*;>S""?"'? P'd"-'P ?12327 &?;1x::l;;?i;_m?Id=d_
? John F. Rider

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