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Manufacturer:Regal Electronics Corp.

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~_ HA GE 1 PAGE .2 -5
Naumlal . _ In Model A32 a substitute speaker 13- Callacifof C41 5110010 be WHXH1 01:
_ T?t?l"?'f"'e ?5?';l""; d?f{l???""'"? dm' (stamped 92569-QB) has been used in sorn? f@"'""fEURd 'O 111? 4125555 nPf?n>> The fnn
mg 5 3" ' Y Pm" 5* e ? ?w'"g C wg" instruments. It requires n different speaker fnnllnnse curves are shown in the 3CCUmPa"y'
have been made. These changes allow the th h I. d . h ing dia mm
li-t oscillator bio oscillator and output tubes "Q" 3" t e 'me 'SW "' ' 6 A432 PWS g '
_ _ , List. Speaker 92569-9B uses Stock No. 75875 _ . _
to remain on all the time whether the B+ - "? ?
_ . cone, Speaker 92569-9W uses Stock No. *mmf ""?"?1
switch is turned on or off. 74901 Cone ,
1. Move the B+ end of R24 from the ` W ' 3;
B+ tie-point to pm 6 of V9, 517- _ RCA Q10_3_ Q10 series' Ch_ RC_549C rssrfeisslsr rr?mrZ?s~sr isnsoglreroe
2- Connect inn 6 Of V9 1? inn 5 Ol 51 Model QIOJ is identical to other sets ol _ '" 5?
"Sins 8%inC\1=S Of red wire- the Q10 series with the exception of tlie ';Q"?}f?}"
3, Move red lead supplying pin 4 ol S1 cabinet which is black and uses ivory color ' G H ' `
from the cold terminal of bsw to the hot tere knobs. _ In Chassis RO618 the value of R35 is 560
m1nal_ The output transiornlcr mounting has been ohms; and R31, the 1-megohnl resistor across
4. Move red lead running to tie-point located revlsed 1? '?"'"m}Z? *HQ D055\b\l\iY 03 l>fEUR2l'- C4. is used only on early chassis.
on Chassis between C31 and C37 from pin 4 down, especially ln tropical areas. The trans- Chassis RC-618A is the same as Ch `
of 5| to the cold terminal of MWA former ill later production sets is mounted RC-618 except for the following chaiilidi
SA Change the value of R21 to 3500 Ohms' on ilrugtlorti bojlrrl which ls, ln tum, mounted which have been made. A hlament choke
5 watts' ?" e 13 3? 19 315 5UI>POrt. coll 1.6 has been added from pin 2 of V8 tn
,nn 2 of the 6Avo ri-f srnuliner vs_ A o.o0s_
RCHBX55, Ch. RC-1088: BX57. "Fi Cermnic capacitor nns 1150" Hflfl fl f
N?xtiona1?86S, ssssla. spuaass. lzass oh, n?.1ugan g'g,,? ?ff**"@ 6AU6 driver VS to er-funuf??i"
The 686 B power unit is the sanre as the . - 'nu Ceramic Capacitor has been add d
6865 except that it is equipped with mount- awievgggrthgli?tgiogga Zuisgnbe riresgeid from pin 5 Of V7 C0 ground- A 100-Ohrin.
ing isfackem The 59116363 ;5 me same as mmlthm insemn the ha ;` A Iii? PCS lk-watt, Hxetl composition resistor R36 has'
the oaos except that it is designed lor rack in 1 1 ,H .tg ,if SQ, '" 9d 'ef \><*?n added fnnn vin 4 Of V8 10 Din 4 of V6.
mounting, The 12865 is similar to the sees "'h.'? ?' "g?'5P??1""- 'C S1 ve 0 _ ceunrr?or_cl1. 5 wlf. has been nrlded in
except that it is designed to operate from 12 W 'Ch max shcn to C ass" 'f the "df which l"?"'all?l "Mill C121 and C13 BCVDSS C2115 D and
volts d_c. The voltages available at the out- "?F"'eF'5 d""'lY "' 'M 5?'?"'}"" F??"""< If B Of 'hc vncillatnr Coil L4
but socket are 12 volts d_c_ and 165 volts at 'TS side fomadslihe 61135515 it Wm place the
45 mmiamperes d_cV c assls a power me po en ia _
The fonowing capacitors have been added A The 25004Jhm, 6-wattreslstor R13 nowAbe- RCA 8R71, SR74. BR75, Ch. RC-1.0507
so the 6855 and 12855 Power units: mg used in Model BX57 ls of improved design. SR72, 81176. Ch. RC-IUSUA
, L CZ03' 0-01 /Lf, 300 vdcw, added irom the The original resistor was a ceramic type and '_ A15,000-ohrr; BQ-watt resistor, Rl, is some-
iunction of fuse F101 and switch S101 to the type now being used ls a flat armored type, -"HCS Used betwcen pin 7 of S1 Rear and the
ground* Vthen me nevvt type is used todreglaeel?lge Ellonodzutlet. RSE, 1000 ohms, SQ watt, has
nrlglna ype, 1 ls necessary to rl a _ " een a e rom `t G f th >> '
ite? C2012 0.0043 Sf, 500 vdcw, from the B+ diameter hole in the front apron of the chassis Coil. A 0,005-plf ceiixaciluor ehiom lLi;;ll1;:;i
mlna o groun . to accommodate a self-tapping screw for added from pill 3 f th dAU6 ~
j 3. C205, 0.0001 pf, 500 vdcw, across output mounting purposes. 10 ground. Filamexit cholte coil Lgllisslbefii
socket from LZ01 to A+. added from pin 3 oi V5 to pin 2 of V6 A
RCA Ch. RC-1U55C. RC-10551) 5`/'Hi CHPHCUOY, CII, has been added in paralf
_ The value of capacitor C3 in these chassil le] "Cross C12 *md C13- A 0-005'l4f CHD3Clf0fi
RCA A-sz, Ch. Rc-1094: A-Sl, ch. is 3-512.8 nf. ca is located neross oscillator njsdlnen =-flded from pin s of tnhe vs
The Qriginm can-gage in an of the above ??T76?eCord Changers RP-17611, REURlz78X54l. Ch. RC-10551; BX542.
models used a pull-out handle on the top front, ' 8 5 . Ch. RC-10B5M
the Carriage now in use has 3 hand] d th .1 The record changers are thc same as the These `nstrum nts ar 1 t `d t' l t
lower from edge, The Same plasticiggnirmas Ti?-17o except for the following differences. the previdus productioneo? ilrigje insiilllixientz
be used for an models, A mug bmon (5,,p_ rue pickup and arm assembly for the RP- which used Chassis RC-10651 and RC-1065K,
plied with each phstic frame) is used so Cover 176Alls: itock No, 72716, Arm, Pickup arm
3 center l I h' h ' _ d 1| dsl Comp efer 955 P"/Of 37111, Cl'ySi31 and cable.
except Adil); W 'C is 'mme on n mo 1 5 The motorboard sub-assemblies, complete REUR?agiE?::';u?l;??132_ R d C
Frsrne-stoek No. 76161 is used ss u replace- ?;fe???;dl;';fS";'?;?';e\;?;;;:?Safeifgg? 9EY3, resistor R8 sndndsiipoeiiriii C-i1 31155;
lglent for frame Stock No. 75549 or 75571 numbers 72717 and 70844| for RPYNSA and been changed in value. R8 has been changed
Fralrirolgiiuck No 76162 is used as o replace RP'l78B~ respectively- l;(;`c1lZ?n00[d(lhm5 iloodguioo 03531724 has
ment for frame Stock No 75683 or 75684 volts tub 1
The new type of pull-out handle (lower front) Ch' RC'1?89C A
_ _ , . 124. the 3.3-inegnlnn eve alter resistor ree Beqdl 7151
ls available as Stock No. 76125. If the original . I _ _ _ P I M 17151 . I . ll h
pull-our handle (top front) is desired it will ""'"S Y """""'@" 'U 'he 1""?"?" 0* RU- 'me 'S "Cm" Y* e "me "S M""'e'
be necessary to drill turn holes in the frame, f;;|0r?;lCt';';";;' lik 15 '??"; 205' i
The holes are .2o3" diameter ond are loomed _ ,. " ff"""n
,625" each side of the center line and_13/64" 2 "f 'he 2""' "' "'"""?""?' ll sP?1'ml\ 130. 132. 135. 139. Ch. 5Al0
down from the mn Ina iity to procure type IZAV6 tubes in
In Models A31 and A403 the Color otwire RCA SVSU, Che RC-618. RC-61811: production quantities for the above models
used in ,he Connecting Cable has been d.,anged_ 8V91. C11.ARC-SISA, RC-SIBH using radio chassis type 5Al0 made it neccs-i
A b|3Ck_white Wire hm wen used as a 5ub_ Under Alignment Procedure, Critical _Lead >S2lrye_t0 make the following production sub-
Smm im. the black Wire (pm 1 ,O speaker) Dress, the following additions should be madei Stllntlnrr In thelfutnre. these models will use
and a_brown>>white wire has been used as a 17' The frm osmllawr [ml Sh?"ld be 3. 124,56 tube m the Zmi deiecwr and 3"
Substitute fm, mc brown wire (pin 8 to cemented to its support. Amphengl NGA 912 ;clrcultln placeof the original lZAV6 as shown
speaker) A brown wire goes hom Din 2 to eernent is recommended for this purpose. If ln the Schematic dlneram. As these tubes are
the jewel lamp and 3 black Wire goes from ?;s lgicgtssiry to loosen the coil, use Amphenol `l\;l;\;Ch?{ngeable, a change in other components
pin 3 to me iewcl lamp _ so ven _ 0 e circuit is not necessary.
?J'ohn F. Rider

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