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Republic Industries MS

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Manufacturer:Republic Industries

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Model MS & Jr.
In spite of the use of full size standard parts throughout, a very compact chassis is made possible by mounting the filter system as a part of the speaker. The speaker itself is a standard dynamic type with an 800 ohm field and a neutralizing coil for the reduction of hum. The impedance of the input transformer is matched to that of the single pentode output tube used in this set. Connection to the speaker assembly is made through the means of four wires extending from the chassis to the speaker. These wires are color-coded and are attached to the speaker terminal panel as follows:
Black - Field and ground terminal
Red - Input Transformer Primary (B+)
White - Input Transformer Primary (Pentode Plate.)
Yellow - Field

There are five adjustable condensers on this radio set. Two of these are variable condenser trimmers located at the top of the condenser. The other three tune the intermediate transformer windings and the adjusting screws are reached through openings in the transformer shields from the back of the chassis.
These condensers are carefully set at the factory and ordinarily will need no further adjustment throughout the life of the set. In any case the owner should allow no one except a highly skilled service man equipped with the necessary apparatus to make an adjustment of any of these condensers.