Rexel Merchandise Co. L-266-U Schematic

Rexel Merchandise Co. L-266-U

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Manufacturer:Rexel Merchandise Co.

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PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 16
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Frequency Range 530 - 1700 kc.

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For tube replacement it is not necessary to remove the chassis from the cabinet. Access to the tubes may be made by removing the center screw on the loop holding same to the bracket, and then lifting loop carefully off the bracket so as to avoid breaking of wires connecting same.
For ALIGNMENT the chassis must be removed from case. Remove first batteries and then the three screws holding chassis to the bottom of the shelf. ALIGNMENT Equipment Required: Modulated r-f sighal generator; output meter; insulated screw driver; two. I mfd 400 volt and one 50 mmfd 400 volt condensers.
Turn variable condenser fully counterclockwise (plates fully closed) and check that pointer coincides with the first thin calibration mark on the dial. Connect the output meter and signal generator as follows: Output meter: Connect across voice coil and turn volume control to maximum. Signal generator: Connect the low side of the signal generator to the receiver chassis thru ai mfd con denser and keep output as low as possible, then proceed in the sequence shown on the alignment chart. BATTERIES The batteries recommended for this receiver are two # 746 " Eveready " 41 volt batteries (National Carbon Co.) and two # 482 " Eveready " 45 volt batteries (National Carbon Co.) or replacement types of equal size and voltage. To replace batteries, remove back of cabinet by pulling at top of back. Batter. ies are accessible without removing chassis or loop. Consult layout drawing for correct placement and connections of batteries.