Robert-Lawrence Electronics Corp. 201W-6T Schematic

Robert-Lawrence Electronics Corp. 201W-6T

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Product Information:
Manufacturer:Robert-Lawrence Electronics Corp.

Schematic Pages

PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 17
PNG: Page 2 Rider Manual Volume 17

Schematics Content

Page 1:

Align I.F. at 465 KC. Trim oscillator and antenna sections of the tuning condenser at 1450 KC.

Frequency Range: 540 to 1620 KC.

Page 2:

DC Voltage measurements are at 20,000 ohms Per volt,
AC voltages are at 1000 ohms per volt.
Measured values are from socket pin to common negative
Line voltage kept at 115 Volts.
Volume control at maximum. no signal applied,
Resistance Readings