Sears Roebuck & Co. 101.211-4 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Sears Roebuck & Co. (Silvertone)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

RCA 5436. Ch. RC-589UE

This model is similar to Model 54131, 2nd
Production, which appears on Change: pages
C 18-8 and 618-9 of Ride/.r Manual Volume
XVIII, and on page: 15-22 through 15-24
of Ride/.s Manual Volume XV, with the

exception of the parts listed below:

75284 Fastener, push hslener lo hold loop, chrome

73281 Hinge. lid hinge, ivory

7,3276 Lid, use lid complete with loop support les:
loop, ivory

73282 Loop. antenna loop complete with connectors
less lid, ivory

73280 Plug, banking plnfn for nnnnnung lungs nn

75279 screw, use nov" monnrinn rem, 1 snr,

75285 Bottom, Cue bottom, ivory

75277 Center, Case center, gold

73287 Handle, Carrying handle, un

73288 Link, handle link.

RCA 7521] 2nd Prod.. Ch. RC-IOSSB

This model is the same as 75ZU, Ch. RC-
1003A, which appears on [lager 19-45 and
19-46 of Ridefn Manual Volume XIX, ex-
cept for the following changes:

Different i-f transformers are used, as
sllown in the accompanying diagram. Resistor
R15 has been added to the cathode circuit
of the lZSK7 i-f alllpliflcr, and R14, in the
diode circuit of the-125137 an detector,
llns been deleted cllnngss that apply to both
llle RC-llltldA and RC-l063B chassis arc
given in the change notice for 75211, RC-
1063A, that appears on [Imager page 620-10
of Ridvrir .lllmual Volume XX.


Changes for RCA 7521], RC-1063B.

The replacement parts list is the same as
that for RC-1063A except for the differences
listed lit-low:

70128 Transformer, Ersr i-f transformer, stamped

70129 Transformer, Second transformer sumped


This model appears on pager 19-29 through
19-53 of Ride/.r Manual Volume XIX4 The
top-view diagram of the chassis layout that
appears on [lage 19-52 illustrates tube V5 as
6K6GT, Tube V5 should be a 6V6GT.

Radio Wire IS-IBS

Mod-sl `13-168 is the same as Model .IS-
174 which sppenrs on page 19-17 of Riders
hlomml Volume XIX.

Regal 1107, 7254

Models 7254 and the revised 1107 are
the same as Model 1107 which appears
on page 19-8 o] Rider's Manual Volume
XIX with thc following changes:
Antenna loop, 30-128, has been Changed to

an antenna coil, 30-145.

Gangcd variable cilpacitors 40-101 have
been changed to 40-101G.

The value of the 13,w0>>ohm resistor ron-
nected t0 the B lesd of 30-127 has been
Changed to 15,000 ohms and is designated

The 200,000-ohm resistor, 65-142 has been
changed to 220,000 ohms and is dos-

The 0.01-af capacitor connected to the A
lead of 30-127 has been changed to 0.006
uf and is designated us 50-101.

Resistor 20-101 is now 20-103, the value
remains the same.

Capacitor 53-103 is now 55-103, the value
remains the same.

The 25-ohm, %-watt resistor, 65-101 hlls
been changed to 22 ohms, % watt, and
is designated as 65-160.

The two 50111 capacitors, 60-106, have been
changed to 40 uf and are designated as

The 2,400-ohm resistor, 65-132, has been
changed to 2,200 ohms 11nd is dcsiilnlllcd

Sears 101.206-1. 101-206-2. and

These automatic record changers are

similar to Chassis 101.206 which appears on

pages RCD, CH.18-6` through RCD. CH.

18-9 of Rider's Manual Volume XVIII,

with the following exceptions. Chassis

1012061 has a revised pickup-arm hub

which permits manual movement of the

pickup arm while the changer is in auto-
matic cycle4 The cam seat for the pickup
arm permits return of the arm to the cor-
rect position al'ter manual dislocation,

without readjustment of the 10" or 12"

drop points, This chassis incorporates a

Chassis 101.2062 is the same as the
101.206-1 except that it does not have the
"Manual-Automatic" switch. Chassis 101.-
206-3 is the same as the 101.206-2 except
that the phono-pickup lead has cotton
overbraid for insulation from the chassis,

Sears 6685A, Ch. 139.151-1

This chassis is similar to Chassis 139.151
which appears on page 17-1 of Rideril
Manual Volume XVII, except that an
"ON-OFF" switch is used in the line cord.
The parts list for this chassis is the same
as that for the 139.151 except for the fol-
lowing change:

Rel. Part
N ol N a. Description
H J20667 Line cord, switch and plug.

Sears 101.211-4

This model appears in the Record
Changer Section of Ridefs Manual Vol`
ume XIX on pages RCD. CH. 19-1
through 19-14. Chassis 101.211-4 is basically
the Same as the 101.211-1; however, tht'
101.211-4 incorporates a revised spindle ass
sembly, turntable and hinge body assembly
The change ill parts list is ns follows:

Location 171111
Number Number Dewiptilm

S R57943 Turntable nssnmbly (in 132.244-1 "15)
Radio Wire [5-175 12 349953 Hinge Pl" Ns" Mniiiriiblghogis'csaaln Shadi:
Model '15475 is the same as Models 14 1157945 Hinge body assembly is in mme: or mr plm of
JS-173, .15184, snd_JS-185 which aplpear i; 322;? Signsigmiscxxic id" 222;? gdgi'g?gds"
yupage 19-16 o! Ridefs Manual Va ume - fgmuni?edlsn P P F1296 Qbinnvlmmmoldgi

70 167902 spindle nssnmlsly

70 R57934 Spindle shaft and hast

71 167940 Record pnsllnn

73 M7903 Push" spring

76 R57051 Turntable bearing

Location number 83 through 88 and num-
ber 103 have been deleted.

The 456.211-5 Record Changer is basical-
ly the same as the 101.211-1, except that
the 456.211-5 lnPOrpOl'atvs a bottom pan as-
sembly, R66692, and a revised spindle
assembly, turntable and hinge body asf
sembly. The syntronic pickup ilrm and
grounded syntronic cartridge replace the
old style plsstir` arm.

Sears 8005. Ch. 132.839-1

This chassis is similar to Chassis 132339
which appears on panes 17-8 through 17-10
of Ridefs Manual Volume XVII, except
for the following changes, The filament
connections have been reversed on the
50L6 tube socket to prevent burning of
resistor R11 and damage to the tube. R12,
u 1,200-ohm, l-Watt resistor has been ad-
ded to the B+ circuit between T3 and
CIOB. The filter,choke IB has been de-
leted, The parts list for this chassis is the
same as that for the 132.839 except for
the following changes:

Rel. Part
No. No. Description

T3 N21921 Transformer, output

Sears 8210, Ch. 101.820-1A

This chassis is similar to Chassis 101.820
which appears on pages 17-4, 17-5, and
17-15 o_l Rl'fle'r'x Manual Volume XVII,
except for the changes in thc parts list.
'The parts list for this chassis is the same
as that for the 101820 except for the
following changes:

Ref. Part

No. Nol Description

R10 R62705 Control, On-Off dz volume

T3 R62721 Transformer, output
R63100 Cone, voice coil

Sears 9073A, Ch. 135.244; 9073B, Ch.

These models arc similar to Model 9073,
ChA 135.244, which appears on page; 20-70
through 20-72 of Ridefs Manual Volume
XX. Models 9073A and 9073B use a three-
speed manual record player, part no. F-7625
and the number 17-296 cabinet

Chassis 135.244-1 is the Same as 135.244
except that a protective resistor, R12, has
been added to the rectifier circuit, from pin 8
to the junction of C18 and C16.

The change in parts lists is as follows:

0 John F. Rider

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