Sears Roebuck & Co. 101.666-1B Schematic

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Manufacturer:Sears Roebuck & Co. (Silvertone)

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Sears 101586-113

This chassis appears on page 19-15 0/
Riders Manual Volume XIX, The d-c
resistances of the r-f coils (L1 and L3),
are 0,6 ohms.

Model 9073C uses Chassis 135.244~l and is
the same as Model 907313 except for the iol-
lowing differencesv Capacitor C20 has beeli
deleted from the circuit. The value of ref
sistor R6 has been changed to 1.5 megoiin ,
The value of volume control resistor R6 has
been changed to 500,000 ohms. The values oi
capacitors C12 and C14 have been changed
to 0.000lui and 0.000511f, respectively. Re-
sistor R13, 2.2 megohms, has been added
across the pickup socket. The change iii the
parts list is as follows:

1-2776; crrmrror, variable Mommy
CH F4890 Capacitor, 0.0005d iii 600 V
R6 116239 Control. Oli'OH and anumc

These models appear on pages 20-65 and
20-66 of Rider'r Manual Volume XX4 The
following changes have been made in the re-
placement parts list:
115,15: if Dominion
N22156 Scale, dial, (lm plastic

ns N22192 mirror. volume rhhrroi sr orma

its mirror, 15 mgahrhs, u, w

Sears 9270, Ch. 547.245

This model appears on /vfmcr 20-73 through
20-75 of Ride/s Manual Volume XX. The
parts numbcr oi "Bearing, tuning shaft,"
should be changed from V3449 to V9160, A
SO-uf capacitor, C28, has been added to the
filament network from the junction of pin 7
of the lUS and pin 1 of the 1U4, if., to the
B- line. The following part should be added
to the replacement parts list: C28, V4636,

Siewm't-Wamer A920333, Code

These models are similar to Models
A92CR3, Code 902&C, and A92CR6. Code
9028-F, which appear on pages 17~11,12
through 17-21 of Rider's Manual Volume
XVII, except for the following-differences.
The "S" chassis is designed tc provide
greater sensitivity so as to accommodate
the requirements of satisfactory perfor-
mance in low signal strength areas. Due
to certain design differences in these mod-
els it is desirable to set the band switch
to the FM position whenever the record
changer is used.

The high side of loop antenna, no. 2 is
connected to terminal R of antenna coil
no. 18 as shown in Fig. 1. This loop is
used only for a-m push-button operation.
Band-switch section 3A is not used in the
"S" chassis, One side of loop antenna no.
134 is connected to terminal L of antenna

coil no. 15 through the 0.01-uf capacitor,
no. 136. The other side of the antenna is
grounded. This loop is used only lor a-m
operation, The brown lead from the ex-
ternal antenna is routed to terminal L of

Fig. I. Circuit [hanger for 511111 rt-il"a1'nc?'
.492CR35 and AQZCRSS.

antenna coil no. 15 through the 100-11111
capacitor no. 135. Terminal L of antenna
coil no. 15 is connected to avc through the
680,000ohm resistor no. 137. The high side
of' the wave trap consisting of coil no. 39
11nd capacitor no. 38 is connected to ter~
niinal SiO of band-switch section 3C. Re-
sistor no. 69 is deleted and the cathode of
the 6BA6 1st i-f tube is grounded. The
cathode ot the 68.17 tube is connected to
ground through the 1,000-ohm resistor no.
139, instead of through the 1,500-ohm re-
sistor no. 103. One side of the voice coil
ol thc speaker is connected to the screen
of the 65.17 tube through a 470-ohm resist-
oi' no. 140 and fi 0.25-iif capacitor no. 108.
The junction point between capacitor no,
10S and resistor no. 140 is connected to
terminal $29 of band-switch section 3B.
Terminals S30 and S31 are connected to
the junction of resistor nos. 128 and 129.
The change in section 3 band switch, front
view, is shown in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2. Section 3, fran! view, band :witch for
Stewart-Warner AQZCRSS and AQZCRSS.

The additional parts used in the "S"
type chassis are given below. Other parts
are the same :is those for the AQQCRS and

ririy rm chassis with riesY

134 505650 imp amerihi for hm. <29" x

135 502931 Capsdmr, mica 100 0,11, 500 v

Stewart-Warner B92CR Series

These models are similar to Models
B92CR1,2,3,4,8,9, and 10 which appear on
pages 19-8 through 19-14 a! Riderlr Manual
Volume XIX, The following revisionsnp-
ply to the BSZCR Series. Capacitor no.
103 has been changed from 0.01 uf to 0.001
ui. The high side of the capacitor Was
formerly connected to the grid, pin 5, of
the 6V6GT output tube, lt is now con-
nected to the grid of the 6SQ7, lst a-f
tube. These changes were made to elim-
inate low-frequency distortion, and are in~
corporated in chassis stamped With the let-

The list of models in the BQZCR Series
and their code numbers is as follows:

Radio Radio Radio Radio
Model No4 Code Nu. MDdelNo. Code N0,

Change in parts list is as follows:

sparker, .hi dynamic (a inch)

119 5063211 speaker, pm, dynamic (a inch)
"seri or. ni models exupr
139201119 and 1192cnisLP

119 506657 spear-er, Fm dynamic (s inch)

used only on models 'BQZCRlB

United Motors 11-1253, 11-1254, R-1255
Models R-1253 and 11,1254 are found on

pages 18-11 through 18-19 ol Ridefs Man-

uol Volume XVIII, Model R1255 is sim-

ilar to these. The circuit changes for these

models are shown in the accompanying

diagram. The changes in the parts list are

Illui, Production service

No, PmNo. PmNri. Description


v, mics

w, carbon

and ions (bm)
mil (mine).

Circuit changes for United Motors 12-1353,
12-1264, and R-1255.

? John F. Rider

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