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Manufacturer:Sears Roebuck & Co. (Silvertone)

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Sears 8020. Chassis 132.841

This model appears on pages 18-56 through
18-60 a] Riders Volume XVIII. It has been
discovered that the dial cord on some of
these receivers binds, If the dial cord is
strung as shown ori page 18-58, continued
turning of the tuning knob in a clockwise
'direction, after the pointer has reached the
right-hand end of the dial, will cause thc
tuning shaft to turn in the cord and the
cord will slide back on the shaft toward
the chassis. Thcn, when the knob is turned
in the counterclockwise direction, the cord
will tmvcl further back on the shaft and
have a tendency to come in contact with
thc chassis and bind on the shaft.

If the cord is wound from back to front
on the tuning shaft, as shown in the sc-
companying figure, it will travel away from
the chassis when the knob is turned in a.
counterclockwise direction and the bind-
iiig wiu not miie

When the dial cord a! the Sears 8020 is
wound from back ta front on the tuning
shaft, the cord will not bind on the chassis,

e hum is encountered, tiy discon-
ing the low-voltiigo soction of thc
electrolytic Capacitor, part numbor N21744,
which is thc cathodc bypnss capacitor on
thc 501/6GT output tube. Substitute :i se-
puriitv 20-;if, 254'. capacitor for this scr-

Scinc of thf3 original electrolytic copo-
cilors had thc sections wound iii improper
scquencc, so there wo cfipncitive coupling
betwvcn the input high-voltage soution
tioii. This condition Would cause oxc ssivc
hum iii the receiver' output. It is probable
tliiit this condition will bc found only on
tihf` litter production sets of this inodvl.


This modr-l is the slime as Model 8010A
(`li. 132.840 appearing on page 19-26 of
liirlerhi Manual Volume XIX, except for the
following changes. Model 8010 has :i brown
wibinet and knobs, while Model 8011 luis
:ui ivory cabinet and knobs, Parts which
:irc different from the 8010 are as follow '
N21092-1 Cabinet less front trim ussenib y
N21204-3 Knob, control, volnmc and tunv

Stewart-Warner A511' Series

Those models :ire the some :is Model
17-0 o/ Ridcr's Volume XVII. The code

Model Code

On chassis which have the letters H or
R stomped on the roar surii'icc adjacent
to the modcl numbers. the rotor of the
gunz tuning capacitor is grounded instead
of living r'oiiiirl'tvd to \liL` AVC linc. Oscil-
Iulor coil 505397 (src nccoiripiinying dia-
;:ruim is ule oii chu s which ure stump-
iii-il iiiui uw hum s', A'11", or "R".

Used on chassis
1?"qu - ' our

"?' i used mi chmis '0
wiiii coil rio. E iIH

Oscillalor coil for Slewart-ll'amer A517`

Regal W900

This model is thc same as Model 900
which appears on pages 16-2 and 18-5 c]
Ridcids Volmme XVI. The socket layout
and voltages for both models are shown
in the accompanying diagram.

m mum wil-n. n man,

,,126 0? 00 "2 ff, miiiiiiiiiie "B" supply drain. chassis which
v ~0 900 goo incorporate this chimge have a letter "S"
stamped on the rear surface. The new
mo m. Annan inn rio-mm sawn u. resistor is described as followst
L Tube layout, trimmer locations, and volt ages ol the Iter "7900. 502127 Resistor-carbnnqw ohms, 1/4 w.

Sams 101.809 Series

These chassis are all the some as Model
7080, Ch. 101.809, appearing on pages 16-1,
15-4, 1645, and 16-8 of Rider's Volume XVI,`
exccpt for the following changes
Models 31783, 8088A, Ch, 101.809-111.
Pushbuttons have been added. The record
changers used in these models are all dif-
ferent, Resistor R5, 330,000 ohms, for-
merly across the phono pickup socket, has
been removed, The dial drive hookup is
:is shown in the accompanying diagram.

i iii im; mmm om min

The dial drive hookup for the Scars Chassis

All resistors which were '/3 watt urc now
*is wiitt. All capacitors, except C23, C26,V
and C27, now have a voltage rating of
600 volts. A 6-hy-9-inch pm speaker
(R62658) is used, requiring cone und voice
coil R62659, and output ti'snsiorrner

Models 8084, 8084A, Ch. 101800-113. Slime
as Chassis 101.809-1A, except for the record

Models 7080I 7080A, Ch. 101,809-2. Slime
as Chassis 1014809, except for a new type
tone control Circuit. A 0,001-ftf capacitor

(C24) is connected from the plate (pin 2)
of the 706 tube to the variable urm of
the 2-Inegohm tonc control (R16). The
other end of this tone control is connected
t0 the B-line.
is shown

The ports layout lor this
chassis in the accompanying

The parts layout for lluI Serin Chassis'

Models 8101, 8101A, 81013, 81010, 9101,
Ch, 10180960. These models are the
same as chassis 101.809-2 except for dif-
ferences in the cabinets, and the fact that
different record changers are used.

Stewart-Warner A41T1. Code SUSE-A

This is thc same as Modcl A41T1 ap-
pearing on pages 17-1 through 17-5 o]
Ridcfs Manual Volume XVII, except foi- the
following change, Resistor 40, formerly 270
ohms, has been changed to 560 ohms to

? John F. Rider

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