Sears Roebuck & Co. 1598 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Sears Roebuck & Co. (Silvertone)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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time V011 I VN' ` WX mn: W: "Sv
I ' m ' few 6%? l f'

cam F IF PEAK 1'75 KO.

a Connection Chnl-t -

news. av.) Beet L irgt
m Rec
helm: I ~ gear. Parte mey be eeeured direet from the
$4 PPP colonial Redie cerp.,zs4 nano SL.


Pista Voltlge Sex-een Voltage Mid Voltege Pluto li. A. Sereon ll. A.
TYPE 0F TUBE V01' Conte lt Vol. Ctuh li Vol. Cont. at Vol. cont. It V014. quote It
use - Demeter 'ls 15 so so -s' -ss .z .2 (l) (s)
I 99 .- output 1m 155 165 170 * U 15.5 18 5 5
I ao - ammu- m. a. e. - ass v. ggtgll'ffm 'fm
t - High series resistmoe. (s) - Too low to reed, whtte I 60, Speaker field voltage - llov.

Control grid readings token on 150 volt scale of 1000 ohms per volhaoten others on 750
volt scale. Readings taken with antenna and gound shorted together and ne eigxnl received. These Ire
sverage vslucs. Ordinurily, deviations up to 20% sre peniseeble and do not necessarily indicate s.
hult. Where sen-iss grid resistors prevent grid voltage readings, proper plete current st the rsted
plete voltage will servo se sn indication of proper gid bien end norms! mnctioning of the tube.

Cure mast be used when readings src taken with sn muyzer since the cepsoity ct the osble may esuse
the circuit tc oscillate sud give errstie readings. Usually, touching s. finger to the gid or plete
will stop oscillation. These readings were tslcen with the speaker field het. Readings talosn when
the field is cold will he higher because or the lowered field rosietsnoe.

If it beoonel necessary to slign the oscillstor'trsnslstor and R. F. steps, it should
he done at .shout 1250 be And then 'touched up' st shout lm ko. Trouble may be experienoed if m
sttluyt is nsde to secure alignment at 1600 be without hsving obtained Approximate slipsht at 1150
ks. At 1600 ke the eupecity ef the oscillstor-trmslster trimsrmsy be sufficient to tune the es-
cilletorvtrsnslstcr stage to the some Requenoy ss the R. F. stage, resulting in feedback snd violent


The 2503 ohn speaker field 15 used ez; thf filter choke. lt carries the: plate ann screen
current c! all the tubes ss sell ss the hleeder current flowing through the screen supply resistors
to groxmd. Should the output transformer, plug, or voice ecil be replaced, it is important that it
be recenneeted with poisrity correct as shown in the service illustration. Otherwise the hun due to
the field will be in phase with that in the hun bucking soil, intensiiying instead ot slinimting the
speaker hm.

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

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I Ill _* I 1| I |\ l .I
C @M o it. x .o nor zo aurzooz
DUD Okou
n ._o nor zo 3.5592 u1< nfnu

(C).Tohn F. Rider, Publisher

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