Sentinel Radio Corp. 139UE Schematic

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Manufacturer:Sentinel Radio Corp.

Schematics Content:

Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

CORP. Schematic ,Voltage
w " E- ' "' nan
in == via -= ~=>>= == :
?E9:?EUR|(_|, Q -Iii ! gf ?353 Fog
W ~ ~ X - sbs rags wha
Jig ;_ 2 2 ? 5 >>
hn F. Rider, Publisher

Page 2:

PAGE 10~56 SENTINEL __ ___
Chassis F " Ei A' Emu >>|m|@ -'l==U~ Q
(C)J?1in F. Rider, Publisher

Page 3:

B. wr- 1? saunw pmwdm m.->>m.\\1 me an m. man qunn->rwu>> m. :mm wmmmwmav. md m. am mv mmm
mum md ifinxqungmn PM-a\|>>:_dm?x ummm fm. mu >>>> ram u M. mm on. ~ai\.m.m f. Muand u
M\ any Qhl . N U4 Hllhblli mm' (1) bil, (2 nii, (3) (hifi ml -mrunr ww' "& - 1. lun* '.- "Y
mllh) 3| WINCH P0lhl lhl dldl niidli mull 210 lily run wllh lhn lm( H119 al 'LQ law fI?Q'\.\u\CY Ind 0| Lhl "'~\|'"'| '77
dm; mxmmum. u am >>.??<11? am nm mmm nanny ?? nm nm mm W mm palm"
"M" H nun (3) mm. mm. _mfs nm :<.>.m,,?"?.?.& .JT .0 Mini' 'EQ .I.2f1".>>...,'?,... .3535
L! 5 hirfollz ~ <\ I '?n'U`? nrdfr l\\le|;Ar0?h?l`;/:sn ltlhe re l\ WH \| 1 X nd hd In ?n;n?1`g\|:1{\n1 gllxryxmlygi I may ed (U Arn' lm next' la) Khkd
und yu u MOHQII ISUAE, 159152, 1403, IAOFE, 145AE And ISBAE
>>w|?=n br sn mam wmnm mu Q4 mu ueulnm ga um ?4 Mmm" "?"=='d W" W* "IT ?"" "
Any ,??a..\>>{hm Haan me m Afmn each ax me 'mm-1 LF ufqmxnqm ?__?,'f,[f"1
1 Ew=\\y Emmy .nanzs we Rm-wer bm. Aa; sm 11 Kc. ow mm of (1) QQ.; ,$"'{? "W '""'L""'"' "" "'"J??&>>:"m"$"?>>?_ "W" M tx'
,730 ma Lo wan K,c. museum ummm ma mmmum ?\npu\ mn , mn. .mu ,rg mu.-1 .am mn '
qu 2 Emmy izmuy .ouuzs Mia. n.?ea-mf mu, Adm; nun K_c. qneennn u mm rm ,,,,"'{,_ (2)".,,"?'{_? u'"'?,,? ?""L '"?,,.-?'"'" """,,,""""' xr .>>.\?..=. ma xr. mmm ew
SIU NW KC NW KC tvndlnlal Elnlnnnu lead maximum nuim-\\ llll M ' nl |""
KE 3 A;->>pmn~ Appmimm-1 .ounzs we n.=9|v?f mug wnue Qckmq qemq mndenw nam: son (3) .L"?? ,f,f{'&_ W LT* }EUR'?',,g"i,";'{',, ?',?',,,,'",'?,f:_",,.'2"',?,'",1 (D
1 ZXGCHY E\{u 'max 1.5 "?'"' mum mn -nam
,,_c_ me "md p=a>>_w>>.>>=h >>. nn. mow Q... ,gh gg, ;;;"_g;,"__""-,_;;,_;'1',",;-;_="',;,;
BAND |<= un n uma xn, W, ->> u _ 4. \-.4 n
Rider, Publisher

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