Signal Electronics, Inc. 341T Schematic

Signal Electronics, Inc. 341T

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Manufacturer:Signal Electronics, Inc.

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PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 16

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WARNING: - Turn dial to 55 before removing Chassis. NOTE: To remove chassis remove three screws at bottom of cabinet-remove battery & tintenna plugs-remove batteries-pull chassis towards rear & tilt forward. ALIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: - Couple signal generator through & 1 M.F.D. capacitor to high side of R.F. section of variable Set generator at 455 K.C. and adjust 2nd L.F. transformer, then 1st I.F. transformer for maximum output. Couple generator to external antenna lead through 200 M.M.F. capacitor. Set receiver dial so that variable is completely unmeshed. Sot generator at 1620 K.C. Adjust oscillator trimmer for maximum output. Set generator at 1400 K.C. Tune Receiver to 1400 K.C. Place chassis into cabinet and tip forward so that R.F. trimmer is accessible. adjust R.F. trimmer for maximum Output.