Simplex Radio Co. L Schematic Schematic

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Model:L Schematic
Manufacturer:Simplex Radio Co.

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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PAGE 3-2 siMP'I'JEIE ,

OPERATIBN: The vighr huud huh-in u eurnhin


llSTAllAfmll: Thilly In! ol uri-I il enough lm :Meinl openlion, More any be used ii duind. Ulla-:fill avlil-lble :annul "ANT" to
_ "B'LT-IN~ANT" nd mule w h m wllhoul ground.

-wirehl-ud :one euulrnl. The len huud kno in rhe yor-nn mbol. 'hu eenwr hub i-

Model J. ,PR' v

le lrum ihe gruuud ehd ul rhe 'rid null nl ihe refund dereerur
_ solder phuuugrnph pick-up lem ru ewiwh ienhiuulr.
'l'lmzse The dill i. ueeuvnely u i med in irilueyei und due w
erneme "leer ny ii ii punihle ru rum ihe :in unnol re-
.nu-nee when u ruee ehnnge i. m-de. 'rn nvuid rh we rhuuld
e.. "ken rhn me .emu grid leni- whiuh 'u re rhe run ul
vhield ir ui-eed ever rhem.
wirhln which period .ny pun .honing eleerrieul or meuh-nA l
deleei will he reuiueed willnnn eh-vge when reiurued Pin,
.ne henry inn il rhe eumuiere in rnnn in i. ,ennned . u..-
| ehuue will he und. fur meh lu r n muy he neue..." rn

|llfIS'IALLA'I'IDNPANT" may be led from "B'LT-IN-ANT" lewd, indoor or outdoor lerill,
xldlmtor, bed springs, or 'ny llrga meul,olw}ect, i! _desirei

may meek when nee?riliuully4 'Good zuheu .re eruenziul. -Ir volume euncrui hug nu
eueec ihe veiurne eonmi lube (in eun u: rear edgu uf ehnsein my noe he funequning.
changing ehe mean grid euhee eumeumeu neeeurimm nightly rehulnneing un receiver.

muNciNcrh'meh nuzpue ur 115 he, willuun- ru grid of the 224 lube ne 'renee-r uf
cumin Keen uueilluwr uurpur rurned luv. Adiuec the we wridrneer screws in my uf
nn. eun on upper punel und une eunderner ,crew un under` me uf panel w maximum
volume. Repeal. Dench useilmur. sez seule m known frequency neun 1400 km, aud
ndjun :he mree uimmei-e un runlng eundeneer ru mmmmn volume, Tin-n dial w eu-
eiun nenr 550 lm. und ndjm eundenheryre'uv in mme flange o! receiver um volume
`num-ul knuh until mln cornea nr? noi-rm ine neun sso end uf genie4

>nlolltxinrll: Uee a single pole :witch mounted an nur u'puuible t4 the second dmv
un- euulrel, cam-ren in neriee wizh :he lend from the ground end of nhe grid euil uf the
decor-[J deeeewr haha solder phunognph mek-up lend, hu switch lermimh
GUARANTEE: This instrument in ginrlntfed 101' 'ninety days, within which period lny
part showing electrical or mechanical delen will be 'repllced withuut clllrge When re
turned preplid to the factory. but if tlie cornle instmuznl. is 'remrrmd a nomlnnl*
nhlrge will be made fnr such llabm'* is'me be newlry k final! the defertlve plrt

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