Sky-Chief Radio Corp. A-218 Schematic

Sky-Chief Radio Corp. A-218

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Manufacturer:Sky-Chief Radio Corp.

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This is a completely self - contained superheterodyne receiver powered by dry batteries housed within the case. It can also be operated on either AC or DC current, 110 to 120 volts.

To operate the set from the AC or DC power line, open the rear cover, turn the switch from battery position marked " B " to current position marked "C". Then remove the line cord from within and plug it into any convenient electric outlet. This cord should be extended to its full length. In operation it will become warm. This is natural and no danger will result. Under no circumstances should this cord be cut or shortened. If the receiver fails to operate when plugged Into a DC line the plug should be rotated one half turn.

The batteries required are:
1 - 1 1/2 volt " A " battery ( Eveready 742 or equivalent)
2- 45 " B " batteries ( Eveready 762 or equivalent)

To change from power operation to battery operation, pull the line cord from the plug and turn the switch back to battery operation.

These batteries are installed by opening the rear cover and inserting them horizontally in the lower compartment. The two plugs having three prongs are inserted into each of the receptacles on the " B " batteries and the two prong plug is inserted into the " A " battery receptacle.

The following tubes are employed: 1 - 1A7G; 1 - 1N5G; 1 - 1H5G; 1 - 1Q5G; 1- 25Z5