Sonora Radio & Telev., Corp. AU-10 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Sonora Radio & Telev., Corp.

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Noise Notes SONORA RADIO &>>TELEV., CORP. Chassil AU

cz u-ms .as urn
c 3 mesa so mum.

6,' '4-1441 .ooos we T2' Tom .FN F" f
avg mumuv. _5 WM l!
3,1 a? :50. lotu tgw TU'NING RANGE L -------------------- -4 1
a. 'Han zoo om 4sw, lox R, u'tsza mom' 4uw. lox i worg'gwsn ) 4
:2 :2'222 WWW: is: 2?: *tv "12; "w '5"- 2" s vn-tza: 4' smmu nuns. n-mt mums mn suvsmunoovus
is ls aopooou 4s A2? :u N i NOW JW 2?: 5 "45.0 wanna; `nuns n-tsas mmm tzms slnsLEwm
R4 P44521 20,0me - W 20% lg N-l 52 mm ,SWZO 1 "447-, Ms" emi *|239 TOGGLE sw'TcN A010 "T
14 Ground the antenna leadetn shield at one or more points |, F, ALIGNMENT, with the gang ear-.danger nl at mml-
to the cowl or any other metal surface in contact with the mum aims! ,be *as* ummm" w 456 KC and mum* a"
9? cntpnt tc the and ei the inet detecth tube (alles) through
Z~l MOVE the bCNSfX lead 010095 1? <1 ?70111i 01 lea-Si 110159 :x .05 or .l mid. condenserA The q'lound on the test olciilator
Pick-"P and "5'6" "1 Place '""h 'Ying "md ?f *We* chculd be connected te the cheese grennti Align all three
3. Bond together the throttle rod, choke rod and any metal Mmmsrs to peak or maximum recdinq on the output mhf.
tubing with a piece cl copper braid and around te the fir-e
WSH' This shouxd be dons on ,hs engine side' ANT.AND OSC. ALIGNMENT. Connectthe emtennuto the
4 A generator through a 65 MMF dummy* and not the dial and
4~ Bmd "an" PW' '? 'Www' generator at lsnu KC (gone at minimum enmity). Allan the
5. Bond hood, side panel and other protective covering for BC oscillator trimmer for maximum output. Set the telt oo-
enolne it it is not making ct positive contact to the bOdY- cillater at 1400 KC and tune ln the signal with the dial and
ln extreme cases, a distributor resistor cmd generator con~ adjust 'he 'm'enna mmm" 'or mmm ?"'p"?'
denser will reduce noise interference to rx minimum. These Next ,sf 'he test oscillator m 500 Kc and "me in the signal
Pmts m "leth ?' Y?'" dede" with the dial tn check the ienrltlvlty at this paint,
From the standpoint of motor noise, the whip type antenna *If the antenna ie aligned using a whip antenna shielded
recommended has been fennd te be the meet catintactery, tt lead "ss a an MMF dummy mem!

is advisable to use this type mltenna even it the mr is
equipped with o built-ln antenna.


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