Traveler Radio & Television Corp. 337 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Traveler Radio & Television Corp.

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(C)John F. Rider, Publisher
er output in
ecreasxng the generator output as the spear'
t the signal generator lead th
to select
al, with
to the
m resist
~ ntenna trimmer a
"' A 4 mum
r m good sgna generator connect the proper leads one to t e I I I I I w
ass ma e sure po ar ty s the same t an t oth t ru a l mf . uma ` QU
n se to the gr cap of the 6K8 wth the tu e gr d le stnl m plac . (mmm nm :IIN 'mud II* f an {>
et the rad o d a to K C and the s gna generator to 6 K C Wi Tl" "ng" ?* the three waveabm? S are 558? ?wi? U
t e s t v ume contr u on ncrease the generator output unt the si nal a"da' _B ?a ca# an I t ' ` ` *'
s heard n e speaker A ust the [F tr ern or max mum out ut, Im "ne ' t Pohfle n ' ' ` O
d k Short Wave orengn an 7, t 2 , - ~ 2?
A n G t the sgna generator an r d o dx o 7 0 KC an just m? ug b 0 ID. & 118 S
t o or max mum output tau, n og t n .
Set the ngne generator an d a to 400 K C. and ad'ust the S n
C NT tr mmer or maximum output 4 O
t the s gna generator to K C and the rad o dia to approx- 1310 a C
ma K a u e BC d r or ma urm output Z,fl\Y15b 17110 re Ding '50 3947 "P 3
Y CU H Pad wget er C t e ion one ful t left .
A ust the wave trap ata456 K C. for MIN MUM output. u ot sobufgogtizign .wi 0 Za un S
Usxn or ummy ntenna adjust the lntermediate ' n hon roleas 1 ' .
Band sc ate: tx mmer at M C an t re A M C. un t 6 with tm reminin but_ `
'C eel: fora gnmen at 2 ? 1 is Pr??? ure E
HURT WAVE NT one,sett1ng eao for e different stetion 3 _
- Insert call-letter tabs. g
Us ng a 400 ohm e t r as ummy antenn d u t ill - gq
Check for .rl qnme 1 at 8 C

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