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On the automatic central, the top and the side that is partly open to view ere of one piece. This piece is removable. This is to be taken off by removing the screws that hold it in place Then it will be noted there is a terminal strip with fourteen different colors or color combinations on the screw heads with silver colored lugs at the top. The cable to the various stations is laid, and the Automated Central ends of each cable are fastened to the terminal strip screws by soldering the ends of each individual wire to lu that is furnished. The shields around the white wires are to be connected to the silver colored lugs at the top of the terminal atrip. The other times are connected to the screw (with a lug) such as white wire to White screw, yellow wire to yellow screw, etc. The wires with tracers or strips in them are connected similarly, such as red wire with white tracer to red screw with white dot, etc. This is shown on one of the sheets enclosed.

The back of each station is to be taken off and the cable from the Automatic Control is to be attached to the terminal strip inside (with lugs) with like colored wire to like colored screw. (Shield goes to silver colored screw.)

The Automatic Central is then plugged into the socket and turned on. it will be noted that there is a volume (or gain) control on the Automatic Central which is to be turned on full first, and may be turned back later as the customer becomes acquainted with the system.

Each station has a volume control in the lower left hand corner and can be set to suit the individual listener by turning clockwise to lower the volume. In the upper left hand corner of the system is a pilot light which shows when on, that someone is using the system.

The buttons to the right hand edge of the station are to call the other stations on the system. Each station has a number painted on the bottom and the switches are numbered so that when a person wishes to call any one of the other stations he has but to push the correct button with the number corresponding to the number on the station being called, and pull the button out when he has finished speaking so that the other station may speak back to him, or with someone else. The buttons should always be in an "out" position when not in use.

If earphones are with the system a two way conversation may be had by leaving the button pushed in and speaking into the station itself, using the earphones to listen.

It must be remembered when installing the system that a station will not work properly without a separate line to the Automatic Control. If feedback or howl is encountered when one station is speaking to a very nearby station, it can be eliminated by turning down the volume on the listening station.

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