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PAGE 10-4 ULT A '
MODELS 305 516 mom. 456 m>n"L
A1152-11191117 Tuner Data.
MODELS S77 8: B89
A good output meter ilrould be med in all aliinment adiuatmenta
From a good rignal generator. conneet the proper Ieada: one to the
...lan elmo., .na me ntlut tltn. t .1 mfd. eondeuaer to the rua up of me
6K8, watt tl.. t..t..'. ,ma lend rtill in puree. set the mam dnl to 1720 K.C.
.na tl.. nnnnl generator to 455 K.C. with the ,nit volume control full on.
anne... tl.. sewn... nntnnt nntal me .annul at t.mnl_;.. the mam tnttltn.
Adiuat the l. F. ttintn-.err for maximum output, deoreaamg the generator out-
put at the main output inert.. .
Conneet the ngnnl generator leaa ttnu n .oooz ntfa. aotulenm in
dummy antenna. to the "A" terminal. watt. me metal .mp eonneetea .emu
At and G. Set the dial and generator to 362 K. C. und adiuat the oeeillator
trimmer for maximum output. Align the LW., R.F. and antenna tm-amen
Align the LW. oscillator pudder at ZUO ILC. by adyustmg the dnl and
padder together. Check the alignment again at 320 l(.C.
Uaing the .0002 rofd. eondemer aa dummy antenna, adiuat the B.C.
oscillator trimmer at |720 l<.c. snr rnnxsnmm output. Align tl.. RJ-'_ .na
Antenna nlmmnu at |400 K.C. Align tlu s.c_ tudllntnt Pnaaet nt ooo l(.C.
by najuttiag me dial ana paaaer together. cheek me alignment agua.. at
Uaing a 400 ohm ruiator u dummy antenna. adiuat the Intermediate
Band oreillator trimmer at 6.7 M.C. und the R.F. and Antenna trimmers
Cheek for alignment at 2.2 M.C.
Uaing the 400 ohm rumor aa dummy antenna. adiuat the S.W. ouillator
trimmer at 24.5 M.C., and the R.F. and Antenna trimmer; at Z2 M.C.
Check for alignment at B M.(2
MODELS :sos at 515
A gooa output meter elaould be una in all nlannment adiuatmentn
Ftnn. . gona .lgnnl genetntnt nnnneat tl.. prop.. lena., one to tue
radio churia, the other thru u .I mfd. condenrer to the grid up of the 6K6,
witl. the .eau 3.-ia reid still in plaee. Set the te.-lm dial to |720 kiloeyelau
und tlte tignnl generator to 456 K.C. With the ref. volumo eontrol "tall
nn." anotenae the generator output until me ttgnal tt lreurd in the nan
ipenlter. Atljunt l. F. nlmmerr for maximum output, deoreating tlte generator
output as the speaker output irterear .
1. Connect rhe signal generator lead thru a .0002 n-lfd. condenser u
dummy antenna to the "Al" terminal, with the metal strip connected acrou
AZ and G. Set the signal generator and radio dial to |720 K.C. and adjrut
the B.C. oscillator trimmer for maximum output.
2. Set the signal generator and radiovdlal to |400 K.C. and adjust the
B.C. R.F. and ANT. trimmerr for maximum output.
3. Set the rignal generator to 600 K.C. and the radio dial to appruu-
imately 600 K.C., and adiuat the B.C. oaoillator padder for maximum output
l~.y nngnmng dial ana Pnl tn,.tl....
Cheek the nlagntnnnt .gain nt 1400 l<.c
Conneet the signal generator lead thru a 400 ohm reeiator aa dummy
antenna to AI. Set the dial and generator to 6700 K.C. and adjust the
P.B. oaeillator trimmer For maxin-nun output. Adiuat the R.F. and ANT.
tnmnu.. nt soon l<.c. .nu .melt tn. tlinnment .t zzoo loc.
Still ...ang tl.. _mo nt... tetntn. nt .nnnnty .nt.nn., .anut me s,w.
nmllttnt tmnn... .t 24.5 M.C. nn aut .ntl generator, Aanut me R.F. and
ANT. tnmmeo at zz M.C. .na tlmelt for nlagnntent .t s. Mx;
Six Push Button Station Seleetora are incorporated in thir receiver.
Each button may be adjusted to select any :tation or frequency in the Broad-
ettt Btna. Tn tain.. earl. lmttnn, pntfm-nt me following onetntlann
I. Tune in a desired eration with the Selector knola.
2. T-.att the Putt. Button you wnnt .et up mt tm. ttntltm, tn me lntt
about one full turn to loosen the meohaniam.
3. Purlr thin button in as far as it will go, while still holding the Selector
knob firmly ao the station will not be detuned.
4. With the button pressed all the way in, lwiat it ro the right until
it it tight .na then releaae it.
Follow tltu pmeeante watt. me other me button., rerun; melt for r
different nation.
Now, when .ny Pun. Button n preued. the rtttann for which tant button
gqfpuf |f is set. should appear perfectlyuuned in. lf it ir not perieetly tuned, rap t
` ?A5G the above proeedure unrtl aatnfactory rerulta are obtained.
' GOO . I Select the Call Letter Taba to eorrupond to the station: the button: are
~ T,,,,..,,,,, __ n set sm, and num them in nine.. nmnaaa above uch button.
SHORT ut ' mm" *ig So off .nn ni.. . tr n nn.. n .nnntt tt'
LONG WAVE 1 , .nn .nn . nt :tm nt .. an ut...
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