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' o oo iiidroyvlo Radio RIDE. 119,129
_v_M7"f,'_,, Voltage
IF PEAK 456 KC ;" I/;;' ,W
_ _ _ _ _ _ +5*"""' lawn .svn-fur: scpsv
-- 1 T , 5-I 5 I Freq. Range
'V bas: ILA rg *Wynn ' nw.: an zgggi?s?ggxc
4/"'0f'"/V /:za c-20 .oos mrd. 3 ply
| 54?/07/00 I c-21 5 mfd. electrolytic
R-1 500 ohms 1/4 Watt C-1 'IO-140 mmf air C-22 .005 - 3 ply
R-2 20,000 ohms 1/2 watt C-2 .0001 mfd. mica C-25 .25 mfd. 55 ply
R-5 100,000 ohms 4 watt C-5 .0001 mfd. mica C-24 .25 mfd. 2 ply
R-4 20,000 ohms l 4 watt C-4 '70-140 mmf air C-25 .25 mfd. 5 ply
R-5 100,000 oh;s 1/4 watt; c-5 .05 - 2 ply c-26 .0001 mrd.
R-6 500 ohms l 4 watt C-6 .05 - 2 ply C-27 .001 mfd.
R-7 2000 ohms 1 4 Watt G-7 05 - 2 pl C-28 .05 mfd. 5 ply
11-8 :soo ohms 4 wsu: c-a :os - 2 pl; c-29 .1 mfd. 2 p1y
R-11 .5 meg. volume control C-11 .05 - 2 ply C-52 11.0 mfd.
R-12 2 meg. 1/4 Watt C-12 .0001 mfd mica C-55 .001 mfd.
R-15 5000 ohms 1/4 wait C-13 5 mfd electrolytic C-34 4.0 mfd.
R-14 1 meg. 1/4 watt C-14 7-B0 nmf mica C-55 .0004 mfd. mica
R-15 .25 meg. 4 watt 0-15 'I-80 mmf mica
R-16 .5 meg. l 4 Watt C-16 '7-80 mmf mica 1.-1 -----
R-17 'rso ohms 1/4 watt c-17 '/-so mmf mic. L-2 .15 m1111-henry
R-18 10,000 ohms 1/2 'Att C-18 .005 lid. 5 ply L-5 200 ohms D.0.
R-19 100,000 ohms 1/2 'att C-19 .0001 mfd. mica L-4 Choke coil
Tube Tube Plate Screen Voltage Heater
213 Function Voltage Voltage Cathode to Ground Voltagg
NOTE: The above readings were taken from the various socket points to ground using a
Weston Model 665 volt-ohmmeter which has a resistance as a voltmeter of 1000
ohms per volt full scale. For meters of other ratings, these voltages may not

Page 2:

In order to mount this receiver on a motorcycle, certain fittings are required. The
fittings recommended are contained in a kit supplied by the Indian Motorcycle Company
and known as the "Indian Radio Support and Antenna Kit Assembly" (#92344).
Contained in this kit are complete instructions covering the mounting of this receiver
on a motorcycle, using the parts in the kit.
when installing the receiver, the shielded cable must be passed in front of the handle-
bars, (this is ver- i ortant), then downward past the front head lug and along the
frame front tube un er the tank to the battery. The cable should be attached to the
tubes of the frame by clips.
The power supply unit contained in the receiver is arranged for operation on a motor-
cycle where the negative side of the battery is grounded. In cases where the receiver
is to be used on a motorcycle where the positive side of the battery is grounded, it
will be necessary to reverse the red and black wires inside of the power supply unit.
with the negative side of the storage battery grounded, the red wire should be connect-
ed to the +-" terminal and the black wire should be connected to the "-" terminal.
With the positive side of the storage battery grounded, the red wire should be connect-
ed to the "-" terminal and the black wire should be connected to the "-sl' terminal.
The terminal of the battery cable marked "hot" should be connected to the ungrcunded
side of the storage battery. The other terminal should be connected to the grounded,
side of the storage battery. A fuse is contained in a spring-bayonet cartridge' lo-
cated in the battery cable near the receiver. The fuse is the standard type used for
automotive purposes and is rated at 10 amperes. To replace the fuse, force the rubber
tube covering the fuse container along the cable toward the receiver until the end of
the fuse cartridge can be grasped and removed. The rubber tube should be held firmly
to keep the cartridge from receding into the tube while the fuse is being replaced so
that the two halves of the cartridge can be conveniently refitted.
All screws, nuts, and washers must be firmly set and all electrical connections are to
be tight and clean even to the possible necesitty of removing a slight amount of paint
to accomplish this.
The "B" power for operation of the receiver is supplied by the American-Bosch magmotor.
This magmotor unit is turned on and off simultaneously with the receiver and receives
its energy from the storgge battery of the motorcycle.
The magmotor is essenti ly a dynamotor, the amature having two windings, one to
supply the driving force for rotating the armature and the other for generating the de-
sired "B" power. The amature is fitted with a commutator at each end. The brushes
which contact the commutators look alike, but the material of those operating at the 6-
volt end is quite different from that of those operating at the high voltage end. If,
for any reason, the brush holders are removed from the frame, they must be returned to
their original positions when re-assembled. Failure to do this will cause shortened
comrmxtator life and improper operation of the magmotor unit.
The magmotor is provided with a permanent magnet, rather than field coils, for excita-
tion. This makes possible the extreme compactness of the unit and also conserves the
battery energy. Should it be necessary to remove the magnet during service operations,
some marking should be made on adjacent sides of the frame and magnet so that the mag-
net can be returned to its original position and not inverted. If it is assembled in
an inverted position, the polarity of the output will be reversed and the radio re-
ceiver will not function. A large soft iron "keeper" should be placed across the poles
of the magnet when it is removed in order to conserve the magnetism. It is well to re-
magnetize the magnet after re-assembling the magmotor in order that it may give com-
pletely satisfactory service. If the magnet is not remagnetized, the output of the
magmotor will be reduced.
The armature shaft rotates in ball bearings which are carried in the endplates. An
oil cup is provided in the top edge of each of the endplates. Six (6) drops of Bosch
Oil US-506, or a light mineral oil should be put in each cup at the expiration of each
lOOO hours use. The term "light mineral oil' applies to the so-called household oils
sold in small spout cans by the large refiners of petroleum products. This light
mineral oil should not be confused with the light household oils of the "sperm" variety
so widely advertised. 'I'hese "sperm" oils must not be used on the light ball bearings
of .the magmotor - to do so will gum the bearings and cause unsatisfactory operation.

Page 3:

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plug au.
Ea EUR 5
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2; E EUR 52aZ
sea as: a ga ae: Ss:
Suppression lotsa

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