Western Auto Supply of California 169 Schematic

Western Auto Supply of California 169

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Manufacturer:Western Auto Supply of California (Coronado)

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PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 11

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Follow the procedure outlined below, in order to adjust the push-buttons properly:
1. By means of the Station Selector Knob tune in WITH THE RIGHT HAND AS ACCURATELY AS POSSIBLE the station having the lowest frequency
2. After the station has been tuned in accurately with the right hand, continue to hold it in its exact position firmly, and with the left hand loosen the Push - Button to be set up for that station by unscrewing the Push - Button about one turn to the left (counter-clockwise).
3. Continuing to hold the Station Selector Knob in its exact position, PUSH THE PUSH - BUTTON IN ALL THE WAY with the left hand.
4. After the Push - Button has been depressed all the way, tighten it gently toward the right (clockwise). Release Push - Button slowly and when in normal position grip button and tighten firmly.
The Push - Button tuning system is now correctly set up for your fipst sa lected station of lowest frequency and the Call Letter Tab for this station should be at the extreme right of the Call Letter Holders.
Follow through with this same procedure, setting up the other 3 stations in the order of their frequency-that is, the second station set up will be second lowest in frequency and the third station set up will be third lowest to frequency,