Western Auto Supply of California 43-6451 Schematic

Western Auto Supply of California 43-6451

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Manufacturer:Western Auto Supply of California (Coronado)

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PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 15
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Order Parts by Model No, and Part No.

Reference Numbers such as (C4) are shown on circuit diagram.

Parts not listed above, may be ordered by part number as shown in the picture and by con. plete description, send a sketch if possible.

We cannot supply speaker cones, We can replace or repair a damaged speaker for a nominal price if it is returned to our factory, transportation charges prepaid.

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Model 43-6451
Five Tube Battery Radio

Service Notes

How To Remove Chassis From Cabinet - Remove knobs by pulling straight off, disconnect battery by removing plug, and remove two screws inserted through bottom of cabinet. Chassis can be removed now. To REMOVE GLASS DIAL - remove the four wood screws which are inserted from the interior of cabinet. (Note After installing chassis in cabinet see that the bakelite strip attached to dial cord is engaged with the pin on the dial pointer.)

To Properly Align - Remove chassis from cabinet, and align I. F. Transformers in the conventional manner with a test oscillator adjusted to 455 KC, connected to the grid of the 1A7GT through a .1 Mfd condenser, with the tuning condenser set at minimum capacity. To align tuning condenser, connect test oscillator to antenna wire (green) through a .0001 Mfd. condenser. Adjust oscillator trimmer condenser (located on left top) to 1620 KC with tuning condenser at minimum capacity (completely out of mesh). The antenna and R.F. sections are trimmed at 1400 KC. Antenna trimmer is top right; R.F. trimmer is below at right. Dial pointer may be adjusted to scale by slipping bakelite pointer coupling on dial cord.

Battery Unit Voltages - Should be checked with receiver turned on if B voltage is below 60 Volts, battery unit should be replaced.

Dial Cord Replacement Is best accomplished by replacing complete cord assembly # 25811, which is made up to correct length. In an emergency 30 ib. fish line may be used. See picture of chassis for correct installation.