Western Auto Supply of California 43-8685 Schematic

Western Auto Supply of California 43-8685

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Manufacturer:Western Auto Supply of California (Coronado)

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Model 43-8685
Six Tube AC Operated Radio Including Rectifier

Service Notes

The circuit diagram below is complete and will enable the serviceman to check all component parts in the event service is required. Voltages at various important points are indicated, as well as values of condensers and resistors.

REMOVAL OF CHASSIS Disconnect set from wall plug. Remove knobs by pulling straight out. Remove loop plug on back of chassis. Remove two screws under cabinet, chassis may be withdrawn from rear.

ALIGNMENT Sets are properly aligned at the factory with precision equipment and the adjustments should not be disturbed unless a coil, tuning condenser or IF transformer has to be replaced or the set has been subject to damage or tampering. Alignment should only be done with the aid of an accurate signal generator and output indicating instrument.

TO PROPERLY ALIGN, Remove chassis from cabinet, and align I.F. Transformers in the conventional manner with a Signal Generator adjusted to 455 KC, connected to the grid of the 6SA7 through a.1 Mfd. con denser, with the tuning condenser set at minimum capacity. To align tuning condenser, carefully place loop in normal relation to chassis, connect Signal Generator to antenna clip through a .0001 Mid. con denser. Adjust oscillator trimmer condenser (located on left top) to 1620 KC with tuning condenser at minimum capacity (complete out of mesh). The antenna and R.F. sections are trimmed at 1400 KC. Antenna trimmer is top right; R.F. trimmer is below of right. Dial pointer may be adjusted to scale by slipping pointer coupling on dial cord.

DIAL CORD REPLACEMENT - Is best accomplished by replacing complete cord assembly No. 25834 which is made up to correct length. In an emergency 30 ib. fish line may be used. See picture of chassis for correct installation.

DIAL SCALE REPLACEMENT - Remove chassis. Remove pointer track by removing the two wood screws holding it to the cabinet. Dial scale may now be lifted out from front of cabinet. When installing new scale -see that long screws in track bracket engage the notches in the ends of the scale.

INSTALLING CHASSIS - Replace chassis in cabinet noting that shafts are approximately centered in holes. Replace screws under base of cabinet, replace loop plug, push knobs on shafts. Hold the pointer, back of diol, near center of scale, with your finger or any small instrument, turn the tuning knob to the right or left until the pointer drive coupling connects itself with the pointer.

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MODEL 43-8685 When ordering parts always mention complete factory model number, series and issue.

In ordering any part not listed give complete description and a sketci, if possible.