Western Auto Supply Co. D-1123 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Western Auto Supply Co. (Truetone)

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Band 'witch shown in broodoolt position.

When removing the chassis it is tirst necessary to remove the
"Protector Switch" located on the left side of the cabinet.
When checking the chassis on AC or DC it is necessary to
insert a piece of metal, similar to the one on the cardboard
back, into the "Protector Switch" to close the line circuit.

Speaker (Part Nc. P4572) 6" PM Type.

D,C. voice coil resistance...
Voice coil impedance at 400 cycles.

B.C. and S.W. Antenna Coil (Part No. P4582)

Starting with the lug that is connected to ground lead
in a clockwise direction, the terminals are: No. l. ground;

B.C. and S.W. Olcillntor Coil (Part No. 13-4566)

In a clockwise direction starting at the mounting lug on
same side as single lug on other end, the connections are:

other end, No. 7, B+

S.W. Primary--NolI 1 and No. 6-Resistance. .B ohm
B.C. Primary-No. 7 and No. 6-Resistanc 3.8 ohm:
S.W` Secondary--No. 2 and No. 3-Resistance.. .05 ohm
B.C. Secondary-No. 5 and No. 4-Resistance., 4.5 ohms


Na caved ous.) vain
ca .as zoo 4m

First LF. Transformer (Part N0. P-4569)
hPrimary--Blue white, plate; red white B+-Resistance 12.1
hSecondary-White, grid; black white, AVC-Resistance 25.9

second LF. Thu-former (Pan N0. P-4420)
Primary-Blue white, plate; red white B+-Resistauee 15.1

hSecondary--White, grid; black white, AVC-Resistance 11.8


All voltages measured with a 1,000 ohm per volt meter
on the 150 volt scale (except AC readings). Line voltage 117 4
volts AC. Volume control maximum and no signal tuned in. I


Plate (3) to ground...

Grid (6) to ground.

Plate (3) to ground... .. . .
Screen (4) to ground

Plate (3) to ground..
Screen (4) to groun


Plate (3) to groun
Screen (4) to grou

Plate (5) to ground...
Cathode (8) to ground...

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The tube complement ot this re-
ceiver consists oi the following tubes:

l--Type l'A7GT-Pentagrid Converter
(Composite nrst detector and oscil-

_ tode as lst IF Amplifier (455 KC)A

toliii; as 2nd IF Amplifier (455 KC).

l-Type lHSGT-Duplex Diode Triode
Second Detector, AVC and First

l-Type 3Q56T~Beain Power Am-

Fig. l-Top View


Voltages taken from the'different points of the circuit to
chassis are measured with volume control in maximum position,
all tubes in their sockets and with a volt meter having a resis-
tance of 1000 ohms per volt. These voltages arc clearly indi-
cated on the voltage chart.

In order to prevent the signal from acting upon the AVC
and aEecting accuracy of voltage measurements, aerial and
ground leads should be short circuited while making measure-

All voltages should be measured with 117 volts AC input to
receiver. Resistance and actual connections of coils and
transformers and speaker data are given under Service

_To check for open by pass condensers, shunt each condenser
with another condenser of the same capacity and voltage rating,
which is known to be good until the defective unit is located.

Failure to operate, noisy or weak reception is usually due to
defective tubes, the tubes making poor contact with sockets or
grid clips making poor contact with the caps of the tubes.
Tubes may be checked very easily by replacing with other
tubes which are known to be good.


All of the adjustments have been very carefully set with
signal generators at the factory and require no further adjust-
ment, unless it becomes necessary to replace a coil or trans-
former, or if the adjustments have been tampered with in _the
field. Under no circumstances attempt any adiustments with-
out hrst making certain that adjustment is necessary and only
after voltages, tubes and condensers have been checked and
found to be normal. To properly re-align this receiverY a sig-
nal generator as well a's an output meter, must be used.

: golxqmet coratrol-HMa'ximum all adjustme?its: I The following equipment is required for aligning:
o ec ra io c assis o groun post o signa gen-
erator with a short heavy lead.
? Connect.durnmy antenna value in series with genera- ? An all wave signal generator which will provide an
tor output lead. _ , accurately calibrated signal at the test frequencies
U gonnect output meter across primary oi output trans- \ as listed. d _
0 Allow chassis and signal generator to "heat up" for 0 Non-metallic screwdriver.
several minutesA I Dummy antennas-.l mfd., 200 mmfd.. 400 ohmsA
Fx Dumm Conn di V ed
BAND me' Anismiii io linux? mammals'etunq liiinmgflier?idgsvsni Adiunmem
Grid of ~ Adjust to
455 KC _1 Mi _ 1 _ I Rotor full open Two trimmers on top Output ~
L ,___ d ngfeu: (Plates out of mesh) (ses Fig. i) I. F. mgg?mm
_ . Adjust to
Grid of Rotor full open Two trimmers on top Input .
455 KC' '1 Mm iA7GT tube (Plates out of mesh) (see Fig. 1) I. F. "mmm
, Adjust to
Antenna Rotor full open Trimmer-Upper left Short Wave .
alng 18'100 KC 400 ohms lead (Plates out of mesh) f:ont of chassis . Oscillator 222;?
\ Antenna . Trimmer-Center, Short Wave J -
16mm KC 400 ohms lead Tune S'g"al front of chassis Antenna mglft'xutm
Antenna Rotor full open Trimmer-Lower left Broadcast Adm" to
1730 KC' 200 Mmf` lead (Plates out of mesh) front of cha'ssis I Oscillator mggzgmm
' Antenna Set dial at Trimmer-Right, Broadcast A4595' to
' '400 Kc 200 Mmf' lead K front of chassis Antenna m3333111]
i Adjust to
Antenna Set dial at - P Oscillator maximum
60? KC* 20? Mmf' iead soo Kc. ?f Chess" ` Series Pad mek dial
. (See Fig. 1) See Note 'Ap
Attttelnin-iuite sigEnal from Zhehsigtnall lgenerator to pre- Power output ,27 watt undistorted-,SS watt maximum.
ven e eve ing-o ac ion o t e . . .
Do not bend variable condenser to correct tracking. Inmmmdllte Frequently 455 K-C

(C)John I. Rider, Publisher

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