Western Royal W642, Series A Schematic

Western Royal W642, Series A

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Product Information:
Model:W642, Series A
Manufacturer:Western Royal

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IMPORTANT: See alignment Instruction
Volume control - Maximum all adjustments.
Connect B - of radio chassis to ground post of signal generator through. 1 Mfd. condenser.
Connect dummy antenna value in series with generator output lead
Connect output meter across primary of output transformer,
Allow chassis and signal generator to "heat up" for several minutes.

The following equipment is required for aligning:.
An all wave signal generator.
Output indicating meter.
Non-metallic screwdriver.
Dummy antennas .1 Mfd.


1, Make a list of six stations you tune in regularly. There are six push buttons on the front of the radio by means of which six stations may be tuned automatically. (See " B. " Fig. 2.)
2. Punch out the call letters of the stations you have selected from the set of station call letter tabs supplied.
On the front of each automatic tuner button an opening is provided for inserting the call letter tabs, (See " A " Fig. 2).
Insert the call letter tabs in the rectangular openings in cach of the automatic tuner push buttons.
3. Stations may be set up in any sequence desired. Press any one of the automatic tuner push buttons down all the way.
4. Hold the push button down firmly, and tune set very carefully to station desired, until station is heard clearly and with maximum volume.

Release the push button.

5. Press down another automatic tuner push button. Hold it down FIRMLY and carefully tune in next station desired. Release this push button.

Follow this procedure until you have selected all of your favorite stations.

6. Now rotate the tuning knob to the right (clockwise) as far as it will turn, and with a coin (quarter), tighten the special locking screw (" C ") in the center of the tuning knob, (See Fig. 2).

It is VERY IMPORTANT that this locking screw is turned until it is ABSOLUTELY TIGHT.

This screw will lock in place all the stations you have selected on the automatic tuner push buttons. (Note: Locking screw C " is loose when radio is shipped from factory.)


If you should desire to change any station you have selected n to another, hold the tuning knob securely and with a coin loosen the locking screw " C " one or two turns. Hold down push button on which the station is to be changed and tune C in new station desired. Release the push button.

Be sure to retighten the locking screw, otherwise the stations you have previously selected will not stay adjusted to the push buttons.

The set is now set up for automatic tuning.

The tube complement of this chassis consists of the following octal base glass and metal tubes.
The type and function of each tube is as follows:
1 - Type 12SK7 R.F. Amplifier.
1 Type 12SA7 Mixer, First Detector - Oscillator.
1 - Type 12SK7 I.F. Amplifier.
1 - Type 12SQ7 Second Detector, A.V.C. and First Audio.
1 - Type 35L6GT Beam Output Amplifier.
1 - Type 35Z5GT High Vacuum Rectifier.


CAUTION: No aligning adjustments should be at tempted without first thoroughly checking over all other possible causes of trouble, such as poor installations, open or grounded antenna systems, low line voltage,

defective tubes, condensers and resistors. In order to properly align this radio, the chassis should be removed from the cabinet.

It is important during alignment that the same distance between the loop antenna and the chassis be maintained as when the chassis is installed in the cabinet.

Slight adjustments to the oscillator and antenna circuits can be made without removing the chassis from the cabinet through two holes which are provided on the bottom of the cabinet.

The two adjustments on the variable gang condenser can be reached wih a long insulated type screw driver through these two holes.