Western Royal W671 Schematic

Western Royal W671

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Manufacturer:Western Royal

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PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 13
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ALIGNING INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION: - No aligning adjustments should be attempted without first thoroughly checking over all other possible causes of trouble, such as poor installations, open or grounded antenna systems, low line voltage,
line voltage, defective tubes, condensers and resistors,

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Volume control - Maximum all adjustments.
Connect radio ground to ground post of signal generator with a short heavy lead.
Connect dummy antenna value in series with generator output lead.
Connect output meter across primary of output transformer,
Allow chassis and signal generator to " heat up " for several minutes.

The following equipment is required for aligning:
An all wave signal generator which will provide an accurately calibrated signal at the test frequencies is listed.
Output indicating meter.
Non-metallic screwdriver.
Dummy antennas - 1 - mi., 200 mmf., 400 ohms.

NOTE " A " - The signal generator is connected to the " ANT, " and " GND " leads when aligning the Short Wave Band and to the grid of the 6SA7 tube and ground terminal when setting the Broadcast Band oscillator end frequencies, (1600 and 530 K.C.). The loop antenna should be connected to the radio when making these adjustments.
NOTE " B " - Loop alignment is made with the chassis mounted in the cabinet and the loop antenna connected. The signal generator is connected to the " ANT, " and " GND. " leads.

NOTE " C " Turn the dial back and forth slightly (rock) and adjust trimmer until the peak of greatest intensity is obtained. Attenuate the signal from the signal generator to prevent the leveling off action of the AVC After each band is completed, repeat the procedure as a final check.

TECHNICAL DATA - Model No. W - 671

Power Consumption
Radio Only 70 Watts
Motor Only 20 Watts
Power Output 2.1 Watts Undistorted
Sensitivity for 500 Milliwatt Output: 15 Microvolts Average
Selectivity. 51 BC Broad at 1000 Times Signal at 1000 KC
Tuning Frequency Range Broadcast Band - 530 to 1800 KC Shortwave Band - 5.46 to 18.3 MC
Intermediate Frequency 455 KC
Speaker 8 in. Electro Dynamic

Service Notes
Voltages taken from different points of circuit to chassis are measured with volume control at minimum, all tubes in their sockets and speaker connected, with a volt meter having a resistance of 1000 ohms per volt,
Resistances of coil windings are indicated in ohms on the schematic circuit diagram