Wholesale Radio Service Co., Inc. 269 Schematic

Wholesale Radio Service Co., Inc. 269

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Product Information:
Manufacturer:Wholesale Radio Service Co., Inc.

Schematic Pages

PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 13

Schematics Content

Page 1:

I.F. Alignment
456 KC for Maximum.

B.C. Alignment
Adj. Osc, trim. 1720 KC.
Adj. ant. trim. 1500 KC.
Adj. Padder at 600 KC.

S.W. Alignment
Adj. S.W. osc. trim. at 23 MC. through 250 MMF cond. and 400 res. open trim. cond. further opened (cap. reduced) until second response is heard. This response (trim at low cap.) is correct response to use. Other is image.