Wholesale Radio Service Co., Inc. L-20 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Wholesale Radio Service Co., Inc.

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Voltages at Sockets
Antenna lead connected to ground lead (not external ground). - Volume Control at Maximum.
CAUTION - Do not put chassis on any grounded surface or let chassis touch any ground,

A signal generator that will provide accurate y calibrated signals over the broadcast band and an out put indicating meter are advisable. The procedure is as follows:
As the I.F. stages are self-tuned, no I.F. aligning at the intermediate frequency of 262 K.C. is required.
First set the signal generator for a signal of exactly 1400 K.C. Connect the antenna lead from the signal generator to the antenna lead of the receiver and the ground lead of the signal generator to the ground of the receiver. Then turn the tuning condenser rotor until the marker is at 1400 K.C. on the dial scale. In order to do this, it will be necessary to put the chassis back in the cabinet. Adjust the two trimmers on the tuning condenser for maximum

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